What Google+ Reviews Are About

What Google+ Reviews Are About

What Google+ Reviews Are About

What Google+ Reviews Are About – Here is an overview on what Google+ Reviews are about.

Transcription for What Google+ Reviews Are About

Google bought Zagat about a year-and-a-half ago and meshed it with the business end that they’re promoting on Google+. Zagat used to be a rating system for restaurants. Once a business gets at least ten reviews on Google+, they receive what is referred to as a “Zagat” score. The score is based on a 30-point scale. What is the benefit to have a Zagat score?

I’ll give you a personal example. My wife and I live in Scottsdale. She wanted to renovate the kitchen. How did she find someone? She searched “kitchen renovation Scottsdale.” Who did she pick? The person with the most positive reviews. Personally I’d go through a process of vetting three people, but a more important process is keeping my wife happy—so I just let her do it.

The process my wife used is the same process a lot of people use. They find out who has the most positive reviews. Positive reviews are important for social proof. Why is social proof so important? People believe reviews from strangers 71 percent of the time. That review could be pure fiction. It could be written by the company itself or by a friend of the company; but once someone sees it rated in Google+, they think it must be correct because someone else wrote it.

Hence, the need for positive reviews—a requirement for a successful business today. Get yourself a Zagat score and you will get found online.


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