What Is Google Plus About

What Is Google Plus About

What Is Google Plus About

Here is an overview on What Google Plus Is About and how to use Google Plus.

Transcription for What Is Google Plus About

If Twitter is about being heard, Google+ is about following your passions and it’s an excellent way to do just that. This is not Google’s first attempt at producing a social media tool. I can’t remember the name of the first one. Let’s just refer to it as the “Big Bomb.” It failed miserably. Google licked their wounds and went back to the drawing table in order to figure out how to create a social media platform the right way.

Then Google hedged its bets and Google+ came out of the gate. Kersten and I spend a lot of time talking about what Google is trying to do with Google+. We believe they’re trying to engage with people on an individual level by creating stickiness—people will have to rely on Google to get a lot of their information.

I’ll say this once again. You will be left behind (and your competition will figure that out) if you’re not using and embracing Google+. I believe Google+ is going to be the Facebook killer. Facebook killed MySpace. Google+ is going to kill Facebook. Facebook will end up being a one-hit wonder, at best.

What Is Google Plus About

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