YouTube Marketing Secret Part 1

YouTube Marketing Secret Part 1

YouTube Marketing Secret Part 1

Here is a way to use YouTube for Marketing

Transcription for YouTube Marketing Secret Part 1

Do you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? The second largest search engine in the world right after Google. Who owns YouTube? Google.

Here’s how you get found with a YouTube video. First pick a geographic location for people to search along with your product. Let’s use Calgary and jackets as an example. In the body of the content below the video, use the same term. Have a hyperlink so that people can click through to the offering (a hyperlink is a website’s URL and what people click on to get to that website).

Make sure to add some verbiage and include your contact information. Then put tags at the bottom using the same term you have in the title and in the body of your description about the video. Chances are you’ll see these videos start showing up higher on YouTube and people will start contacting you. YouTube gives you a tremendous opportunity to get found online, and I highly suggest everyone use it.

By the way, video is remembered eight times more than written information. Cisco predicts that by 2015, video will be consumed 90 percent more than written information on the web. The future is now. If you’re not using YouTube, this is your opportunity.

YouTube Marketing Secret

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