Social Media Profile Tips

Social Media Profile Tips

Social Media Profile Tips


Social Media Profile Tips. Here is a way to use for your Social Media Profile.

Transcription for Social Media Profile Tips

Here are some general tips that will help you improve your social media profile (similar to what I described for LinkedIn.

1. Use keywords

Use keywords in your profile to help interested prospects find you.

2. Have a good profile picture

Have a good profile picture. Obviously this picture was taken before I went gray and put on another twenty pounds. Make sure you have a decent profile picture.

3. Give people ways to reach you

Give people numerous ways to reach you. I show them how to get ahold of me through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others.

4. Have your website link

Obviously I’ve got my website on here.

5. Include your other social media links

Include your other social media links, as well. It’s another way to get found and people will find you on the sites they prefer.

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