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Digital Marketer Lab is all about What’s Working Right Now…

Digital Marketer Lab is all about What’s Working RIGHT NOW…
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Pricing Enigma is a “COMPOUNDING” price test with SPLIT RESULTS

Ryan Deiss and Digial Marketer Lab have released a new FREE video titled “The Pricing Enigma” which details their test results for various pricing points and conversion percentage.

Following the surprising results of this testing they have been able to double their profits using a simple to implement tactic which they refer to as "compound pricing".

The Pricing Enigma That Could Double Your Sales!

You can watch the complete video for free:

You can watch the complete video for free:

A little more about Digital Marketer Lab

Digital Marketer Lab is like a diary of my
business … it’s where my team and I have been documenting all
of our successes and failures as we grow our online business.

And by EVERYTHING they mean:

  • their split test results (it’s not uncommon for us to run & track 10-20 different split tests a week)
  • exactly how they’re very successfully using social media for both community and profit
  • the new marketing channels they’re testing & tracking how they’re working out
  • traffic sources you’ve probably never even heard of, much less tested
  • their new conversion and page optimization discoveries
  • and on and on … tons of stuff EVERY internet marketer could use!
Who is Ryan Deiss?

Who is Ryan Deiss?

Ryan Deiss is a well known Internet marketer that has produced many popular reports and sold advanced courses online.

He is an expert in social marketing, continuity programs, blogging, web 2.0, email marketing, and is very knowledgeable in how Internet businesses work.

At the age of 25, Ryan has built several Internet businesses that produce million of dollars annually. He got his start in Internet marketing in 2000 and started out partnering with Jimmy D. Brown, producing many popular reports and running a membership site with him.

Eventually, he started to come out with his own training programs and his strategies have won the attention in the Internet marketing community. Ryan is a strong advocate of recurring income and believes one of the best ways to gain leverage and long term success is to sell something once and reap the benefits many times over.

He is known for supporting continuity programs where customers are put into a recurring billing program for access to a membership site, a service, or monthly content. He has put this business model into practice and created his Continuity Blueprint course to teach other marketers how to do the same thing.

Ryan is a strong supporter of social marketing and is active in many web 2.0 sites. He is an active blogger, YouTuber, and also uses Twitter as a marketing vehicle. However, most of his strategies are based on core fundamentals such as delivering value to the customers, building an email list, and optimizing his pages for the highest conversions.

Watch the video on The Pricing Enigma here:

Watch the video on The Pricing Enigma here

Never in the history of business and marketing was they a chance to reach so many potential customers so quickly and generate so much income online.

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