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Digital Marketer Lab is all about What’s Working Right Now…

Digital Marketer Lab is all about What’s Working RIGHT NOW…
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Digital Marketer Lab is a membership site with materials, scripts, tools, software, split test results, expert interviews, training courses etc.

The mission of Digital Marketer Lab is " to empower small and mid sized online businesses with the knowledge, systems and contact they need to achieve extraordinary success in uncertain times."

Digital Marketer Lab goes further as you’re going to get access to the internal documents used by Ryan’s companies – checklists, vendor lists, spreadsheets, standard operating procedures and even proprietary scripts, software and tools.

You also get access to some of the best training programs Ryan has put out including Video Sales Letter Formula, Facebook Ad Power and Gmail Advertising.

If you’re thinking about starting a new online business, then you’re going to love the Idea Hatchery which is Ryan’s training for how you check that you’ve got a winning idea.

This is an extensive video training course which I think has been sold for about $500 on its own.

It has five modules:

  • getting started
  • market validation
  • product validation
  • offer validation
  • human capital

As a member of Digital Marketer Lab, you’re also going to get the Monthly Split test reports of what’s working best across all of Ryan’s businesses so you can see bang up to date information on the most successful tactics.

In the Digital Marketer Lab you also get access to the Standard Operating Procedures used in Ryan Deiss’s companies.

Why You Should Watch The This Changes Everything Video

Why You Should Watch The “This Changes Everything” Video

It’s asking a lot to watch an 86 minute video…

So why should you watch the video which is selling you on the idea of joining the Digital Marketer Lab?

First, if you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme and you’re not prepared to put in the effort, then don’t waste your time. Digital Marketer Lab isn’t for you. Nor is it for you if you have the bad habit of buying stuff to help you succeed but you don’t take much action.

It is for you if you’re prepared to learn, think about how you can best apply the learning in your business and then take action. The basic thrust of the video is that history repeats itself and you have a choice.

Either you can learn from history and get ahead of the curve or be surprised by the changes and react after things have happened and everyone knows they’ve happened.

Technology goes through five stages of development and it’s been the same from railways to various forms of media like newspapers. So it’s no surprise that the same thing is happening with the Internet.

Those five stages are:

  1. Invention
  2. Proliferation – this is the time when easy money is made (think of the Internet ten years ago).
  3. Regulation – look at how Google and the FTC have stepped up the policing of the Internet.
  4. Consolidation – markets move towards a near monopoly as big firms dominate
  5. Innovation – which eventually leads to a big new invention which starts the cycle all over again. 

Ryan Deiss argues that we are in between stages 4 and 5.

In 2001 the top 10 websites were getting 31% of traffic, in 2010, that statistic was up to 72% and by 2012 it’s expected to be 82 to 85%. With these changes, what worked before won’t work in the future. The "gurus" who are selling rehashed theories from a few years ago are not helping you.

To deal with these changes, you need to know what’s working now and Digital Marketer Lab will offer cutting edge, insider information that you can’t get from a book or another course because it’s drawn from what Ryan Deiss and his business has working in many different markets.

You and I won’t beat big sites like Amazon by any other way than rapidly implementing innovations that work. It’s going to be a big challenge and sometimes it’s better to work with the big boys.

That’s why you should watch this video
introducing the Digital Marketer Lab:

Take Action and Get Started Now with Digital Marketer Lab!

Never in the history of business and marketing was they a chance to reach so many potential customers so quickly and generate so much income online.

Never in the history of business and marketing was they a chance to reach so many potential customers so quickly and generate so much income online.

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