PlusLocker Google WordPress Plugin

Viral Google Plus One WordPress Plugin.

Viral Google Plus One
WordPress Plugin.

PlusLocker Content Revealer Plugin is the quickest way to optimize your site for Google Search Engine with Plus-1 button.

No Code Hacking Skills Necessary! This Plugin is push button easy and the installation actually adds a button to your visual editor, making it available for any post or page you create.

You simply hi-light the content you want hidden, and push the PlusLocker button. It’s THAT EASY!

This Viral Plugin for WordPress Delivers

  • Extremely Easy to Install
  • Even Easier to USE
  • Instant Download
  • Simple Video Instructions
  • And A Whole Lot of Potential!

We’ve seen several plugins for the Google Plus One while doing research for this product. However none of them that we found actually added a button to the visual editor. Some of them actually have you hacking your own WordPress theme to get them to work.

Not only is this plugin Push-button easy to use, but it’s just as easy to install!

More +1s = More Traffic!

Google has made it very easy to share online content with your friends by providing the +1 button. Not only will a good +1 score enhance your Search Engine Optimization, but the +1 button automatically provides backlinks as well.

Over the last several years, Webmasters are finding out that Google is the Fat Lady in the Dress store! In other words, it’s extremely hard to find something that makes her happy! However, if Google is the fat lady, then the +1 button is her spandex pants. We know that she’ll wear them, because she’s already bought them. And while there are many people out there that like a nice pair of plump spandex, others need a bit of incentive…

PlusLocker provides that incentive!!

PlusLocker – How Does it Work?

Download Click Conspiracy Instantly!

Get PlusLocker – Viral Plugin for WordPress.

The Easiest Google+1 Content Revealing Plugin on the Market!

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