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Profit Jackpot will automatically create a site using article directories but does it in a manner to give automatic SEO optimization.
Profit Jackpot
WATCH as he launches 10 affiliate sites, all in different niches, in just 10 minutes.

Profit Jackpot is a NEW system being launched by Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim. The software is designed to automate the process of making SEO optimized websites with a few clicks of a button. Profit Jackpot will automatically create a site using article directories but does it in a manner to give automatic SEO optimization.

The websites built with be monetized with clickbank products, adsense, other affiliate programs or you can even add your own products depending on the niches you choose and if you already products. Based on the traffic you’ll get after you set up the system, you can expect to make at least $5 per website per day once the system is fully running. As you can see, that’ not much but let’s look at how everything adds up.

Profit Jackpot is composed of (3) THREE WordPress Plugins as follows:

  • Article Jackpot – Posts articles to your WordPress blog automatically for life.
  • Spin Jackpot – Spins the article so that it looks exactly the same to you, but it is entirely unique to the search engines
  • Video Jackpot – Posts youtube videos to your wordpress blog automatically for life.

You would then upload these plugins to your WordPress blog and then activate them for them to work. If you are not a techy person you have nothing to worry about since everything is straight forward and can be done with the click of a button.

The Three WordPress Plugins from Profit Jackpot

The WordPress Plugins…

Plugin #1 – Article Jackpot

This plugin is designed to automatically post articles to your wordpress blogs based on a schedule you input into the system. What I mean is that you can program the plugin to post articles every hour, 2 per hour, per day or whatever you feel comfortable with. How this plugin works is that you would first select what your keywords are so that you get only articles relating to your niche/keywords posted.

This not only keep your blogs focused on one niche topic but it also helps your blog to be fully SEO optimized so that you can rank well and get tons of traffic. The plugin also has a field setting that allows you to place negative keywords. That is, if you don’t want any articles on a certain keyword/set of keywords, you can add those negative keywords and the plugin will automatically filters them out.

The last thing you would want is for the plugin to be posting totally unrelated topics on your blog! So if that’s a concern for you, you really have nothing to worry about.

Plugin #2 – Spin Jackpot

The spin jackpot plugin as the name suggest, basically spins the articles before they get posted and published. This is to ensure maximum seo effect so that your websites can rank well in the search engines. This plugin will prevent you from having duplicate content on your website so you have no duplicate content penalty to worry about if that’s a concern of yours.

Now I have to be up front and honest with you. I haven’t tested this plugin on a new website as yet so I can’t attest to the readability of the spun articles. However, based on what I have been hearing, it seems as if it does a really good job so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Plugin #3 – Video Jackpot

The video jackpot plugin is very similar to the article jackpot plugin. What it does is to automatically post videos to your blog based on the keyword setting and category selection you make. So for example, let’s say you website was about “profit jackpot review” for our sake, and you wanted the plugin to post related videos in your posts.

All you have to do is to enter the keyword ‘profit jackpot review’ into the keyword field and then choose a related category. The plugin will then grab related videos from youtube and post them on any schedule that you select. Also, just as with the article jackpot, you can filter out videos that you wouldn’t want to get posted on your blog by adding negative keywords.

That’s basically it! There’s nothing technical or hard to understand about it.

As you can see all the plugins included in the Profit Jackpot software bundle are very easy to use and do not require any technical skills. Plus, they are very POWERFUL and you can set them up and have profitable website in minutes.

Currently there are over 300 sites on the web from using this software and those 300 sites have been made in a day’s time and have been running on autopilot to successfully start earning income! The coolest part? It allows you to setup AS MANY SITES as you want! It’s UNLIMITED!

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How to use Profit Jackpot To Create Profitable Websites

STOP with the 1 click software!

Here’s a story that’s kind of funny but also got me to finally vent here:

All these "1 click" get "millions tomorrow" software are ruining our industry!

  • First of all, HE’S in the video – he’s not hiding behind some HIRED ACTOR (which seems to be the trend lately).
  • Secondly, he gets VERY real in the video and talks about the reality of software..
  • THIRDLY (and most importantly), he uses his software RIGHT IN-FRONT of your eyes LIVE to build 10 affiliate sites in 10 minutes.

24 hours later, he logs in and proves how he got over 3,800 visitors to them too (yes, in 24 hours). NO MAGIC software. NO overnight riches. Just cool stuff that actually works!

Check out this video for a breath of fresh air…
this video is FUN to watch this new strategy and its refreshing to
see software that actually works and is not ridden with HYPE!

this video is FUN to watch this new strategy and its refreshing to see software that actually works and is not ridden with HYPE!

Profit Jackpot is not a single piece of software... it is in fact comprised of (3) THREE WordPress Plugins!

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