Commission Hijack

Commission Hijack is a new product that uses a new ‘Zero Click’ Siphon Tactic in internet marketing that VERY few know about.
Commission Hijack
A way to pull in an AUTOMATED six figure income, month after month….

Commission Hijack is a new product that uses a new ‘Zero Click’ Siphon Tactic in internet marketing that VERY few know about.

The system is about generating traffic to your affiliate links posted on twitter to earn commissions from product launches.

Commission Hijack is not about creating websites, ppc, ppv, cpa marketing, article marketing. This is a brand new software which is semi automated. Semi because all you need to do is put your affiliate link to the product you promote. As people search for autopilot income streams nowadays this software will be very successful and unlikely other software this one really work.

Commission Hijack featured a simple technique that does involve any of the time wasting, money draining techniques that most internet marketers struggled to make money online.

  • NO Websites Required – The Commission Hijack System requires no websites to build! All the required affiliate links are placed on ONE secret traffic hub that requires no set up and no maintenance whatsoever.
  • NO Content Required – This system is so unique and does not require you to write any articles, blog posting or content submission!
  • NO Web Hosting – Not even web hosting which you need to pay for.

This sounds too good to be true but Mike shows proof of earnings using this system to siphon thousands per day!

Do You Need Commission Hijack?

If you are starting your internet marketing career then this system will give you access to something that has never been used in the market before. You can not rely on this system for a long term business but it can be helpful on short term basis to earn some good commissions that you can use to invest in you online business.

Inside the package they will let you know how to use Twitter to profit from product Launches. The great thing about most products is that the names of the products are unique. Product creators come up with names that don’t exist yet. This means no websites have been created to get onto Page One of Google for these words. Inside the training area they show you exactly how to create a Twitter account one for each product launch.

How the Commission Hijack Software Help Maximize YOUR Commissions?

As a Commission Hijack Member you are automatically registered to receive new product launch alerts in various markets and niches. As soon as a new Product Launch is announced, they will email you with all the of details so all you need to do is create a Twitter page and a few links (they’ll show you how to do this) and you’re all set for permanent passive profits.

The great thing is you don’t even need to understand the product you are promoting. They tell you what product to promote and even what to tweet. They will provide you with a complete system that delivers results. Commission Hijack is about providing you with a platform to get “lo-tech” commissions with little or no internet marketing experience.

Commission Hijack contains comprehensive video training and case studies of showing you the place to start from scratch with no experience, to the point where you’re making money using this. The video training will teach you how you will make your twitter account profitable with very little work.

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