Emerald 11 Niche Blogging System

Emerald 11 is a Niche blogging system where targeted traffic is channelled through an auto traffic nirvana system.
Emerald 11
gets traffic through the powerful
Auto Traffic Nirvana Software.

Emerald 11 is a Niche blogging system where targeted traffic is channelled through an auto traffic nirvana system.

Google is the single most source of traffic but not the most traffic source. In fact, most traffic comes from other people’s content (OPC) on the web. Emerald 11 gets traffic from OPC through the powerful Auto Traffic Nirvana Software.

Emerald 11 consist of the powerful Auto Traffic Nirvana software which grab traffic from other people’s content on other websites. It is truely unique and does not rely on search engine traffic such as google, yahoo or bing, nor social media traffic such as facebook, youtube nor twitter.

The way the software gets its traffic is highly sought after targeted traffic which are reading other people’s website and funneling them to your website! No, its not through blog commenting either. Emerald 11 untilizes the unique auto traffic nirvana wordpress plugin which harness the traffic from other people’s blogs. All you need to do is to install the plugin in your own wordpress site and activate it.

Some features of Emerald 11 Software:

  • Simple software any layman would understand
  • Simple WP Plugin to install
  • Simple ‘point and click’ process requiring less than 60 seconds to activate
  • Watch the traffic grow!

The WordPress plugin automatically builds backlinks to your WordPress blog very fast and in a controlled and natural looking way. So, it creates traffic from SEO and links direct from other sites which will boost your ranking and visitors.

There are 3 types of links built automatically:

  1. Contextual links are created
  2. Related article links are added to your posts
  3. Pingback/Trackback links are created

The important thing to know is that these links are all targeted to the topic of your blog so if your site is about golfing you won’t be getting links to/from dog training sites. Niche related links carry more weight with the search engines so this is critical. Your posts are also submitted to the top RSS feeds for even more traffic generation.

Here is what you get when you buy Emerald 11:

  • FREE blog built for you. No catches. Supply your domain name and hosting information and you get a blog built and running.
  • The Emerald 11 (Auto Traffic Nirvana plugin) along with installation and configuration videos
  • Another free niche blog you can download and use if you want
  • Videos on Niche Blogging Best Practices and How to Find Great Domain Names,.
  • An entire Niche Blueprint Video Course

For the Experienced Marketer this is a great addition to any affiliate marketers toolkit. This works really well and creates backlinks in a natural and effective way.

If you are new to affiliate marketing or just getting started how can Emerald 11 make you money?

You really don’t need to understand backlinks, RSS feeds, WordPress or even what niche blogs are to get started with this. You can have a money making niche site built for you and up and running in a short time. If you are not technical then this will get you started quickly without having to learn all the in and outs of hosting and site creation.

A little bit about the creator of Emerald 11, Bill Mcrea and Mike Williams

Both Bill and Mike are the guys behind Massive Passive Profits product. Massive Passive Profits is one of the best selling internet marketing products on Clickbank. It is ranked number one in the marketplace for several weeks. Massive Passive Profits is basically about setting up an autoblog and profit from it. Buyers will be given a special plugin to automate this process. Other than with Clickbank, Bill also offers an SEO service, press release and several internet marketing software.

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