Xtreme Profit Robot

Xtreme Profit Robot is a complete automated software package to earn huge money online.

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Xtreme Profit Robot is a complete automated software package to earn huge money online. This software performs keyword research then builds the site around those keywords and then sends huge traffic to your new website.

All three modules of the software are quite incredible as keyword research module finds profit pulling keywords that have low competition, website publishing module allows to create website through drag & drop around for the selected keywords and traffic generation module that sends huge traffic to your website and the good part is the traffic is also 100% targeted to make you huge profits.

Here’s the breakdown of the three simple processes involved in Xtreme Profit Robot:

Step 1: Research

  1. The idea behind the keyword research applications found within Xtreme Profit Robit is the ability to drill down into niches you think you may be able to enter into. For example, you will start with a general keyword such as “dog training.”
  2. Once you enter it in, the software will do its analysis, find similar keywords and give a whole slough of information such as competition and total number of competing pages.
  3. Then you are able to click on a tab that says “Niche” and this allows you to actually see what other related niches would work well and complement the niche you are entering. Not bad, right? This gives you information at lighting speed that literally would take you probably and hour or so to gather manually.
  4. This also helps you narrow down and create the winning list of keywords.

Step 2: Creating your site

Drag & Drop Back By Popular Demand

  1. Don’t know a lick about HTML or PHP or any of the other countless programming languages? Does Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage have your head spinning? If so, the beauty of this software is that it allows you to build pages without knowing any programming.
  2. If you can click a button and drag and drop, then you are set. The software allows you to assemble a website using those kinds of features. Whether you want to insert a video or an article all you will have to do is select and click.
  3. Also this part of the software allows you to insert your eBay, Affiliate or Clickbank ids so you can actually collect commissions on products you recommend. Again, this is done without any programming whatsoever.

Step 3: Drive Traffic

What They Do To For SEO & Non-SEO Ways of Traffic Generation

  1. SEO does take a while and is one of the holy grails of internet marketing for many people. The product creators take their time to explain the elements of this.
  2. However, what’s really great about this system also is they actually go ahead and tell you how to get traffic now, after your site is built. It’s not waiting three months down the road for Google to figure out where it should rank your site.
  3. There whole idea is about finding the conversion in real time. Going to blogs and finding out who is talking about what products that are hot now. The software does the heavy lifting for you. And this helps you get relevant content that people want to know about now – which could potentially mean an affiliate sale for you down the road.
Xtreme Profit Robot Module 1: Niche/Keyword Research

This keyword tool provide you everything that you need to decide about a list of keyword in any niche. First you type in a general keyword and the software will return you lot of related keywords from which you can select the keyword that you think are a good fit for your niche.

On the Niche tab you will able to see all the stats for all the keywords you have selected. The system gives a ‘star rating’ next to each keyword so you can identify winners at a glance. To dig further your will be able to know last month and last one year search volume for the keywords, numbers of search engine results (SERPs) that comes up when you search keyword and also if the exact keyword domain is available or not.

Software also suggest a bunch of more keyword that are closely related to the keyword you have selected and then explore each on in depth to dig down even further to find high volume, low competition keywords.

Xtreme Profit Robot Module 2: Website Publishing

Another quality piece of tool included in the product that is a big time savor and include all the tools that a professional looking website needs.

Its really a kind of drag and drop tool to build your site in minutes rather spending several hours of first designing and then writing contents. Apart from all the usual tool you can drag some article space, videos, social media icons, custom widgets and above all easy to configure and use monetization widgets. You just need to give your affiliate ids, select what kind of ad/product offering you want and drag that widget any where on the page. Widgets have several custom features that you can test on your site.

Another big time saving option that this software includes is that you give it keywords and software will return you several related articles for that keyword that you can use on your site. In the same way you can put videos on your site. There are limitless professional looking graphics and layouts included in the software that you can use to build your sites incredibly fast.

Xtreme Profit Robot Module 3: Traffic Generation

This software module is really worth the money itself as the automation it provides is incredible. Although the kind of site website publishing module creates are very SEO friendly and ranks very well in the search engine to give you good amount of traffic but this can take a while. The beauty of this module is this, it provides you traffic as soon as your implement it to start making from day 1.

The modules focuses of finding highly targeted blogs in real time where conversation is going on around the product and keyword your are using. The good part is that the conversation is current and will send you visitors that are very much interested about the product you are promoting. So you can expect good amount of conversions from them.

Another incredible feature that is included here is that the software will grab current products of your niche and will weight them so you know what’s selling right now. This is not the end as system go one step further and finds the reviews about that product to use on your site. After this you can schedule blog comments to those targeted blogs with link back to your site and you will start getting traffic to your site right away.

This ultra new software program will put you on your way to into a new money making business.

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