Fanpage Power Profits

You can use this method for any CPA offers:
The first thing to do in order to get started is to find out what niches are hot right now...

The first thing I would do is head over to Clickbank and browse all the different markets that are there.

For example, if we browse the Sports section category of Clickbank we can see that there are several products that appear on the first page. These focus on Basketball, Golf, Tennis and sports such as Martial Arts.

Remember these are huge markets and people are willing to pay a lot of money for these products to help them “improve” their game.

Facebook is not just a place to make friends anymore. It is a place where you can actually promote products, get feedback and look for products that cater towards a certain market.

So this is what I would do to market on Facebook…
  • Create 5-7 Fanpages on various niches and name the Fanpages according to the phrases people are searching for on Google.
  • Use an Iframe Landing page (You can get these created for as little as $5.00 from
  • Next thing you might want to do is monetise the Facebook page. You should use an Iframe welcome tab with video option and a field where people can enter their email address.

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