What’s All the Hype About Blogging?

What Blogging Does

  • A blog is a direct communication tool between you and your customers and readers. It allows you to communicate with them in a much more personal way than any single article ever could and it allows you to generate content on the fly.
  • Blogs are easy to use, without any complex technical tools in place and no programming knowledge necessary. You can install one in 5 minutes, write a post in the same way you would on a word processor, and update your theme and style in seconds, often times for free.
  • On the social side, blogs have built in tools to syndicate content all over the globe. Someone presses a button and they can have access to your posts from their phone, desktop and browser every day. They can also share with others easily, and they can write comments that you will have easy access to anytime, through your email.
  • Finally, there is the value a blog has in a search engine. Even if you’re not using a blog for your personal presentation, you’ll find that the platform is wonderful for linking, search engine friendly code, and easy to index pages. Google loves blogs and they make for easy site creation.

Creating Your Own Blog

Create your own blogSo, with all that in mind, what does it mean to create your own blog?

It all depends on what you’re doing and how you want to use your site, but in my opinion, you pretty much need to have a blog, regardless of its uses. The majority of affiliate marketers like to have their names out there at some point in their careers, allowing them to network with other marketers and gain access to
new products quicker. A blog allows you to do this more easily and to build lists of people who you can access when you gain first look at a new product.

Second, there is the fact that a blog is going to be the easiest tool you’ll ever use to build a site. If you’re thinking about putting together your first
authority or review sites, using a blogging platform might be just what the doctor ordered. They go together in minutes, take minimal programming, and allow for easy adding and indexing of new content later on, when you start tacking on new articles or
reviews for Google.

Whatever you do, the goal of the blog should always be to facilitate conversation. If you’d rather create a for sale product or would rather have an authority site without any chance for feedback, you would be better suited with a plain HTML format that can be easily accessed from any PC.

At the end of the day, a blog is one of the fundamental tools of all Internet marketing. It isn’t a trendy tool that only a few tech-savvy users will pick up. It’s one of the backbone tools of the game and it will allow you to quickly and easily access a wide range of potential new sales, regardless of the nice you’re currently marketing in.

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