How To Use Google Analytics To Generate Sales Leads

 How To Use Google Analytics To Generate Sales Leads

How To Use Google Analytics To Generate Sales Leads

I recently had the opportunity to to give a speech on blogging. As part of my speech, I talked about Why You Want To Use Videos On Blog Posts.


Transcription for How To Use Google Analytics To Generate Sales Leads

I’ll give you an example. I have a plumbing and HVAC company that I work with here in Calgary. I was tooling around on their Google Analytics and I went to one of their pages.

 There’s a visualization tool in Analytics that shows you where people are clicking around your different Web pages. In this case, there was a small little button on the bottom of his website that said, “Get Financing.” It was for furnace installation, air conditioning installation and hot water tank installation.

 Think of it this way. It’s January. The temperature is below zero and your furnace goes. It’s not like you have $5,000 or $10,000 just sitting under the mattress waiting for this to happen. You may need to get financing for this immediately.

 People were coming to his website and clicking on that button 23% of the time, on average, when they were on his pages. When they clicked on it, it took them through to a page that didn’t really say anything about financing. It just told people a little bit about the company’s pricing.

 My clients didn’t understand the problem. Well, roughly 10,000 people hit those pages in the course of a year and 23% of them, or 2,300 of those guys, are looking for financing because they probably don’t have the money. Start doing the math on this. Even if you got 10% of them, that’s 230 sales and your average sale is going to be $10,000.

 First things first. Take that spot, move it up higher and then when someone visiting your site clicks through it, it will give relevant information to these people so they can sign up for financing.

 These are the sorts of things Google Analytics can do. This is just one example.

How To Use Google Analytics To Generate Sales Leads

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