RankBuilder 6-in-1 Software Suite

RankBuilder 2.0 is a proven system could get you up and earning this week.

RankBuilder 2.0
is a proven system could get you up and earning this week.

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RankBuilder is a 6-in-1 software package that includes Linkwheel builder, Profile builder, Article Submitter, Press Release Submitter, Social Bookmarker and, Video Submitter.

The system works by syndicating content to high-quality Web 2.0 properties automatically. It also comes with a spinner where it can spin and produce unique articles for you.

Another powerful feature of RankBuilder2.0 is that it can create a linkwheel structure for you. This interlinking structure is very important and can help boost your site ranking significantly.

There are no complicated setting, all the important SEO features are built-in. All you need to do is just click a button and the software will do the link-building works for you.

Another great function that is worth mentioning is RSS Feeds… the software can take the urls of the Web 2.0 pages that have links to your site and submit them to the RSS Feeds. Again, this will help boost the link juices or link power to your backlinks, hence further improving your site ranking.

In a nutshell, it floods your sites, affiliate links and offers with Free targeted traffic from 2 main vectors. It does this by allowing you to build links, create profiles and syndicate your content to over one thousand distinct powerful sites – AUTOMATICALLY.

The RankBuilder Effect is Two-Fold:

Effect #1: Syndication:
Imagine your content, your affiliate links, your offers blasted to the 4 corners of the web where it will be seen by searchers, social butterflies, forum visitors and a slew of others. Everything points back to you. Your site. Your affiliate links. Your offers. Your profit! This is a direct impact of building hundreds or thousands of links on the fly… And this is actually a by-product of…

Effect #2: Near Unlimited Ranking Power:
This is the number one reason we built RankBuilder in the first place. To be able to select juicy and lucrative keyword targets and quickly secure top rankings.No matter what anybody might say, our testing has shown again and again that there is one factor Google values above all when deciding where to place YOUR page in its index…

It’s not content, it’s not on page factors, it’s not relevancy or keyword density or any of those far less important factors… IT’S BACKLINKS… an unstoppable Avalanche of them!

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The Affiliate Resurrection Software

What’s in the RankBuilder 2.0 System?

With Rank Builder, you’ll be equipped to create a strong network of links to distribute link juice that Google loves.

Rank Builder provides you an easy method to impact web 2.0 properties, online forums, social bookmarking sites, directories and press release sites to get huge traffic to your website.

This software package not just allow you obtain targeted visitors in less time but also improve the ranking of your website in many big search engines and heighten the pagerank too because it builds strong backlinks to your own site.

Module #1: The Link Wheel Builder
This is one of the most powerful modules the software has. It essentially creates web 2.0 properties on tons of different powerful free hosts like blogger, wordpress and company (now a whopping 50 sites supported). With a single piece of content, you can build a huge network of these properties, automatically interlink them and use that network to power up one of the properties with link juice. You can then point that link juice like the moonraker laser, at any target you want.

Module #2: Profile Link Builder
These are extremely powerful links on High Page Rank domains. There are tens of thousands or sites that will give you a powerful link from your profile, if you create one. Each one of those links goes a long way in getting you to the top.

Module #3: Social Bookmark Submitter
This module fully automates bookmarking. It allows you to near instantly bookmark your content, links or hubs to over 30 top bookmarking sites with the flick of a few buttons.

Module #4: Article Submitter
While the latest Google update created a very slight dip in efficiency of this method, it is still extremely valid and in fact an integral part of any respectable linkbuilding campaign. With our built in spinner, you can automatically submit your articles to the top 30 article directories in the time it would take to manually submit to ONE.

Module #5: Press Release Submitter
Submit a simple press release to over 30 Free Press Release outlets. This not only provides top quality links, but also traffic. And many times the actual press releases end up on the front page of Google, giving you a double helping of targeted free traffic.

Module #6: Video Submitter
RankBuilder 2.0 supports the top 10 video sharing sites for even more traction, links and traffic. Conveniently syndicate media with one easy upload, choose the settings and let Rankbuilder go to work for you…

Take all those together and you have a barrage of links powerful enough to take down just about any target: faster, meaner and far less work.

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RankBuilder is like an industrial strength flame thrower,
but instead of flames, it spits out links…

Rankbuilder is like an industrial strength flame thrower, but instead of flames, it spits out links…

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