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Profits have never been so FAST and EASY with Easy ProfitBot!

Easy Profit Bot
Profits have never been so FAST and EASY!

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Easy Profit Bot is a desktop application that is includes an incredible set of powerful web tools to automate the whole process of internet marketing.

It starts from finding a niche for you then help you find a domain and ultimately help you setup your professional looking site with few click of buttons.  

The software builds extremely search engine optimized websites complete with unique content and automatically builds backlinks consistently which will help get your site to the top of Google fast!

The best part is it’s all done without stepping into WordPress or installing any plugins.

Using a windows friendly desktop software, they give you the tools and teach you from A to Z exactly what to do and how to monetize on the sites.

The Main Features of Easy Profit Bot

Here are some of the powerful features you get with Easy Profit Bot:

The Main Software
This software helps you setup your site with few clicks and fill in the blanks. You just need to give it hosting information and keywords around which you want to build site. Software will automatically keep on posting articles and videos on your site. And the articles and videos will already have lots of real people comments to make things looks real in the eye of visitor and search engine.

Keyword Research Tool
This keyword research tools is by no mean less than google keyword tool. Give you lots of variations or related keywords against any keyword you give to it. This is where you will get unlimited ideas about micro niches.

Domain Finder Tool
Once you are finish selecting your keyword the domain finder tool will let you know if .com .net and .org domains are available for those keywords. Keyword rich domain very easily rank on google to get targeted visitors and this is where domain finder tool will help you to decide whether you are going to build a site for particular keyword or not.

Auto Profit Plugin
This plugin allows you to add affiliate links all over your blog automatically. You will pick the keyword against which you want to set affiliate link and plugin will automatically insert affiliate link against that keyword every where that keyword will exist. This will certainly increase the chances of converting your visitors into customers.

Easy Spin Plugin
This is where you will get the unique contents to automatically post on your sites with some simple clicks. Unique contents are very important to rank your site high on google and this plugin will do exactly the same for you and will allow you to enjoy the top places on google to get huge targeted traffic.

They are giving away lots of ideas of creating micro niche sites here and have made some deep search in top 20 profitable niches to come up with several micro niches within each. Once you are in the right niche or micro niche you will be ready to make profits. They include pdf’s and worksheets for you providing indepth analysis about a niche and it’s profitable keywords and the number of visitors each niche/micro niche can generate for you.

They provide you complete video training on how to use all the tools and also provide you with several internet marketing related video tutorials to make sure you become and online marketing expert.

Easy Profit Bot is all about making money with free traffic from Google.

Download Easy Profit Bot Today!

Profits have never been so EASY!

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