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Passive Niche Profits Makes It Easy To Make Money Online!

Passive Niche Profits
Makes It Easy To Make Money Online!
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Passive Niche Profits is a software that generates a huge selection of custom-built niche blogs.

You have the option to purchase 25 or 50 already done niche websites and these blogs are highly optimized and they are designed to maximize your income with Amazon, Clickbank, Adsense and any other affiliate network or for your own product(s) promotion. .

These websites are preloaded with content and contains various videos that should help increase the credibilty of the sites so that the convert better into great money earners for you. The ads are strategically placed for best CTR (click through rate) and the sites themselves have some cool headers even though the templates remains the same for all the niches.

The best part is that it comes with an automated system that makes installation a snap.

Another amazing feature in this program is that the software is designed to generate loads of free-targeted traffic to your custom built blogs. When you start a niche profit blog, your goal is to make a profit with it, so launching it successfully and building a following quickly is your first order of business.

So, let’s look at a strategy for getting your niche blog off to a successful start so that you can rinse and repeat these steps with the dozens of other blogs that you will develop for your niche blog network.

Keyword Research
Doing keyword research to find the best “money keywords” for your niche is really what will make or break your blog. Targeting the right keywords is one of the cornerstones of effective SEO. When you employ sound SEO practices, you can rely on organic search engine traffic that is fueled by your potential customers who are searching for your exact keywords in the search engines.

Use a keyword research tool and come up with a solid list of primary and secondary keywords that you will base your content around.

Create Content
Creating original, value-added content is what will eventually cause your site to be viewed as an authority site, help it to rise in the SERPS, and help you to attract all of that targeted, free traffic. If you are not a writer, you can visit the various freelance writing forums and hire someone to create the content for you using your carefully selected keywords.

Whether you pay a ghostwriter or create it yourself, your content will be what sets your blog apart from all of the others in your niche. Make it exceptional and your blog will develop a following. When you launch your blog make sure that you’ve got a few weeks’ worth of solid content for your visitors to consume when they arrive. If you use WordPress, it’s easy to upload content and choose which dates it will appear.

Develop a Blog Promotion Plan

You want to create massive exposure for your blog when you first launch it.

Here are a few ideas for promoting your blog:

  • Publish a Press Release announcing your new blog launch and submit it to a PR submission service.
  • Schedule a series of guest blogging gigs on the top blogs in our niche—kind of like a promotional blog tour.
  • Create a series of videos highlighting your blog, the topics you cover, the products you are offering and even something about you.
  • Interview the luminaries in your niche and then publish these videos to several video sharing sites (not just with a link back to your site in the description.
  • Do a massive article marketing campaign by creating 25 or more articles a week and submitting them to the top article marketing directories.
  • Get booked on popular Internet radio or podcast shows in your niche to talk about your topic.
  • Create a contest using a WordPress plugin that rewards your visitors for sharing about your blog with valuable prizes and prestige.

Monetize your blog
Decide on how you will monetize your blog once you have built up a nice flow of traffic. AdSense is a reliable mainstay, but you can also sell advertising space or promote complementary affiliate products to your visitors. Once you have launched your first niche profit blog, you can refine your process and repeat for each new blog that you create.

Passive Niche Profits blogging has got to be one of the most fun ways to profit online.
How Do I Get Started ?

Passive Niche Profits blogging has got to be one of the most fun ways to profit online.

You get to write about topics that you are passionate about and make money online at the same time. Your blog helps connect people to what they are searching for online, so you are providing a valuable service.

So if you are new to blogging, this article will walk you through the basic steps that you will follow to get a Passive Niche Profits blog set up online.

Finding your profitable niche

There are lots of ways to find profitable niches, however, it’s always a bonus when you can blog about something that you are passionate about. Make a list of the things in your life that you are passionate about. Include your favorite products, foods, hobbies, places to visit, types of restaurants, etc.

Next, visit and check out their lists of topics. Chances are, if they have put the resources into publishing a book on the topic, it’s worth considering for a blog. To further narrow down your topic, type the main keyword into your favorite search engine and see what you get.

Look to the right sidebar and see how many ads appear using those keywords. That will give you an idea of your competition. Next consult a ‘keyword difficulty’ tool, which can tell you how easy or difficult, on a scale form one to one hundred, it would be to gain some traction online with your chosen keyword phrase.

To see what kinds of affiliate programs there are for your chosen keywords, type the phrase, “affiliate program + your keyword phrase” into a search engine and see what you find. The best way to find a digital product that you can promote with your passive niche profits blog is to visit ClickBank and find a product that fits with your keywords, and is selling well.

The importance of good, thorough, keyword research cannot be over stated. The keywords that you choose to focus your passive niche profits blog around will spell the ultimate success or failure of your blog. Take the time to do your research to find the best buyer keywords for your niche topic.

Invest in a good keyword research tool because if you plan to launch a network of passive niche profits blogs, keyword research is going to be an ongoing task for you. Select a solid list of primary and secondary keywords that you will use for your blog. Your content will be centered on these keywords, as will your marketing efforts so choose wisely.

Purchase a domain name

Make the best effort to pick a domain name with your primary keywords in it. Clarity always trumps cleverness when it comes to domain names. For example, will be far more effective than something such as, Your perspective customers who are looking for products related to herding cats will not be typing in the phrase, “the clever kitten,” to their favorite search engine.

A domain name should be as short as possible, contain your primary keywords, be easy to say and spell out loud. When you are paying for your domain name, buy as many years as you can afford. Your website looks more legitimate to the search engines when you have paid for several years in advance.

Get Passive Niche Profits Today!

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Passive Niche Profits The Easiest Way to Passive Income!

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