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Submit to thousands of Article Directories with ONE CLICK!

Article Submitter Platinum

With an Article Submitter Software you can submit articles all day long and put your marketing virtually on autopilot.

Submitting articles does work…
You get loads of good backlinks, the search engines will love you and your site will rocket up the search engine listings which all mean more AND much better quality traffic!

The main reason article marketing has become hugely popular is because the time consuming submittal process had become much easier.

Some of the latest versions of article submitter software not only submit the articles, but actually provide software to help you write the article!

Creating and successfully submitting informative articles about whichever product or service your site offers, will generate high quality visitors and increased affiliate or sales revenue.

If you are serious about marketing online you will need an article submitter. It is an Online Marketer’s most important tool and the latest versions are faster, have more automatic features, and regularly update their databases of directories.

If you have a website or you are marketing anything online you have made a choice on how to drive traffic to your website. There are three ways to get targeted traffic, buy it, borrow it, or create it. Without a doubt, article writing does drive targeted traffic to your site.

The article submitter software program

Without this valuable tool it would be physically impossible to submit the numbers of required articles to the hundreds of article submit sites for the needed exposure. You enter your article details into the software once, and then select the directories you would like to submit to. The software will automatically fill in all of the submission criteria saving you an incredible amount of time.

Another time saver is the fact that most article submitters come with a database of article submit sites that are continually updated for you. If you have ever tried to compile a list on your own, you know that the database alone is worth much more than the cost of the submitter program!

A good article submitter will do just that and save you valuable time of the tedious manual cut and paste task!

Introducing Article Submitter Platinum!

Article Submitter Platinum was created by Brad Cullen and his programming team that have made considerable advancements in speeding up the article submission process with their Article Submitter Software… let’s just say over 100 times faster and easier than manual submission. They have been working day and night for the past year and a half to complete the most powerful article submission tool available anywhere, period.

What does Article Submitter Platinum do?

The software allows you to click on each article directory located inside the software where it will then display the specific directory in the lower frame. It will then auto-fill each of the submission fields required by each directory. This eliminates you from manually typing in all of these fields yourself. You can also simply select all of the directories you would like to submit to and then click "submit" ONCE and your article is submitted to thousands of directories!

Article Submitter Platinum goes through all of the directories for you, automatically, while you sit back and watch it auto fill the fields, input the required captcha code, and submit your article… then it automatically moves on to the next directory. This all happens with ONE mouse click! Then just sit back and see the extra traffic!

This software is an incredible time saver and the reason Article Submitter is used by nearly 40,000 users worldwide!

Article Submitter Platinum

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