How to Backlink Your Backlinks

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Getting New Links

This process is rather simple and should stay that way. Just a few additional links will get the job done, but if you try to get 20 back links for each of your backlinks, time will start to pile up on this project.

First, your backlink should come from high quality page with unique content. The most common example is EzineArticles page because the high quality and uniqueness of the content will have a higher SEO weight.

Once you have an approved article if you do nothing more your rank in search engine will not increase significantly. Why? The page is new and has no backlink. So take the new link you’ve generated (e.g. a new EzineArticles submission) and submit the URL to RSS aggregators, social bookmarking sites, and content feeders.

In reality, you can do this for all of your backlink sources – it takes only a few minutes and once you have a good list of secondary sites to link to, you’ll spend only a few minutes a week getting it done. So, don’t worry – it’s not a time sink.

The Value of Secondary BackLinks

Okay, so it’s simple enough to do – but is it entirely necessary? That’s an important question that a lot of marketers will ask, especially when their time is already so packed with tasks as is. Here’s my recommendation:

First, try to have at least half of your links look natural with their own backlinks. That doesn’t mean you need to go out and get backlinks for half of every site you use. In fact, if you are backlinking properly, many of the sites you get links from will already have existing back links.

The government authority sites, blogs, authority research sites, and link exchanges will all have incoming links in large amounts. The sites you need to work on are the article directories, specific blog posts (within the site as a whole), directory listings, and press releases.

Article directories and press releases are especially tricky because when someone wants to reference them, they generally just syndicate the content, copying and pasting it all to their own site. This means that most articles and press releases have almost no backlinks, especially when they’re first created.

Other Ways to Improve Your Links

Secondary backlinking is a good strategy, but don’t forget the relatively simple things you should already be doing. Too many people neglect these simple strategies and miss out on potentially valuable back links.

For instance, make sure to utilize different anchor text for every article you post. Having a single copy and paste anchor text will breed duplicate content, as well as minimal SEO targeting. You’ll want to vary which keywords you target and where you post them.

You should also know that backlink quality is different… Links from low quality pages need you thousands more to get high ranking, while links from high quality page easily move you to the page 1. Thus, by building backlinks for your backlinks the weight will be much greater.

So What Is The Right Way To Build Backlinks?

1. You should build backlinks to your site slowly over time instead of building hundreds or thousands of links at one go

This is especially true if your site is still new. If your site is new and you build too many incoming links (hundreds or thousands) for a very short period of time, and then suddenly there are no more incoming links, search engines will suspect you are trying to manipulate the system and there’s a high chance that they will eventually NOT list your site in their SERP (or in other more common words – they ban and de-index you from their listing).

2. You should vary your anchor text instead of targeting only 1 keyword phrase

Let’s say you are targeting the keyword phrase “lose weight now” (without quotes). Instead of using this phrase as your anchor text for ALL your backlinks, you should also use some variations and additional related phrases so that the link-building process looks as natural as possible.

For instance, if your main targeted keyword is “lose weight now”, you could target “how to lose weight now” as your secondary keyword, and “natural weight loss” as your tertiary keyword.

3. The sites linking to your site should be as diverse (in terms of IP addresses) as possible

The more diverse the geographic locations (and hence the IP addresses) of the websites linking to your site, the better it is your backlink SEO efforts is going to be. This means it’s going to be harder to manipulate the link building process. You couldn’t possibly rent all the hosting servers in the world just to build backlinks could you?

Additionally, don’t be turned off by No Follow Links. It’s a bit of a fallacy these days that No Follow links don’t provide any link juice to your site. They may not be as powerful as a fully spidered site, but they still pass along some value and if the Page Rank is good, it becomes almost meaningless.

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