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Online Business Systems learn how to make money online!

Online Business Systems is a company that works as a lead generation and marketing tools developer for one of the largest public networking companies around… Herbalife.

Herbalife is a company that manufactures vitamins and health supplements and markets them through independent distributors.

Online Business Systems is basically a "lead generation" website for Herbalife, meaning they find people who are interested in making money and refer them to Herbalife.

Here’s what you get if you join Online Business Systems:

Prospects go to your website and register

  • Send prospects to your website to receive a professional presentation.
  • Our state of the art presentation takes the guesswork out of explaining your opportunity.
  • Our expert tracking tools notify you of every visitor. You can see which pages they’ve viewed, which movies they’ve watched, and more.

Once a prospect is in the system, we help you turn them into a Distributor

  • We “drip” on them with our powerful automated email campaigns.
  • We provide custom phone scripts to help you call your prospects.
  • We offer a full suite of business tools like a custom email address, a calendar and a task manager to help you organize your business.

When your prospect enrolls we help them duplicate your success

  • With Online Business Systems, duplication is easy.
  • By plugging them into Online Business Systems they will get quickly up to speed.
  • This saves you hours of time and can make you money.
Online Business Systems Main Features

Online Business Systems – Main Features

Here are just a few of the amazing things that are bundled with
your new Online Business Systems account.

Capture Pages

Professionally designed capture pages guide and educate your prospects. These pages have been developed and refined to focus on generating prospects for your business!

Custom Email

Professionally written and personalized emails are automatically sent to your prospects, which moves them through the system and saves you hours of time. All while making you money!

Three Professional
We’ll develop three custom websites for you to promote business opportunities, weight-loss products and LiftOff. Ensure a consistent presentation every time!

  1. Recruiting: Preview Here
  2. Weight-Loss: Preview Here
  3. LiftOff: Preview Here

and Reports

We track each and every action that your contacts make. Whether opening email or visiting your site, we’ll let you know. Plus, you can track everything with ad codes so you’ll know which ads are converting and can make adjustments to your marketing budget.


The jewel of our system, our Contact Manager has enough features to make dealing with contacts easy. Use our scripts, one-touch follow-up emails, calendar, task system and full tracking to easily manage your contacts.

No Software
or Hardware
Because we host, manage and upgrade your system, there’s no software to install or additional hardware to purchase. It’s like having your own technology team working for you.


You can send an email to your entire contact list with our Broadcast Tool. With our professionally designed email templates, you can send newsletters or training information to all of your prospects with the click of a mouse.

Calendar & Task List
These tools are to help you build and organize your business. Our Calendar and Task List integrate seamlessly with our Contact Manager and other tools, enabling you to do everything in one place!

Online Business Systems learn how to make money online!

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