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What Is 5 Times Bigger Than The Internet and Only 1% Of Businesses Have Tapped Into It?

What Is 5X Bigger Than The Internet and Only 1% Of Business Has Tapped Into It?

Local Mobile Monopoly is a complete mobile marketing course for local mobile marketing.

You will find lots of resources inside the members area and over 50 videos of complete training to make you an expert in offline mobile marketing.

If must say there is no better course or resource available anywhere and it a must have if you really want to start a real business. The basic idea is to market product and services through text messaging for which you will get a text messaging service “YepText” inside the product to send text messages.

People are replacing their computers with their iPhone or with other smart phone devices and business also need to learn how to effectively market their products or services to the mobile users. This is where local mobile monopoly is going to help you to get full benefit of this rapid growing market.

Local Mobile Monopoly Contents

Main Local Mobile Marketing Sections

  • How to become a “Mobile Agent” video training
  • How to become a “Mobile Affiliate” video training
  • Access to the best Text Messaging Service called YepText.
  • Your Own Mobile Agent Website To Represent Yourself as Mobile Agent.
  • Pre-Made Marketing Stationary.
  • Custom Made Tool To Find Businesses.

Introductory Videos:

  • Members Area Run Through
  • The Trillion Dollar Business
  • Everyone Needs You
  • Pick Your Method

The course is divided into two parts:

  • Mobile Agent
  • Mobile Affiliate

Below is detailed information on both parts:

“Mobile Agent” video training

The part deals with Mobile Agent training and resources. Here is what you will get inside.

Module 1 Getting Started as a “Mobile Agent”

  • Video – Getting Started
  • Video – Why Be A Mobile Affiliate
  • Video – What Businesses Need you
  • PDF – Module 1 Quiz

Module 2 Setting Up Your Business

  • Video – Setting Up Your Mobile Agent Business!
  • Video – How You Will Stick Out…
  • Video – Your marketing materials…
  • PDF – Module 2 Quiz

Module 3 – What To Charge

  • Video -Charging Local Businesses…
  • Video – Creating Your Package!
  • Video – Doubling Your Money…
  • PDF – Module 3 Quiz

Module 4 – Its Yep Text Time

  • Video – Mastering YepText!
  • Video – YepText Overview
  • Video – Broadcasting Text Messages!
  • PDF – Module 4 Quiz

Module 5 – Getting Clients

  • Video – Marketing Yourself!
  • Video – The Internet Method
  • Video – The Door To Door Method
  • Video – The Friend Method
  • Video – Let’s Get Viral
  • Video – Advertising Yourself The Easy Way
  • PDF – Module 5 Quiz

Module 6 – Wrapping Things Up

  • Video – Your Next Step
  • Video – Don’t Forget About The “Must Use” Tools
  • Video – Taking Action
  • PDF – Module 6 Quiz

Local Mobile Monopoly Must Have Tools

  • PDF – Overall Checklist
  • Word Document – Questions To Ask
  • Word Document – Business Proposal
  • Word Document – Usable Agreement
  • PDF – Script To Contact
  • Image – Pre-Made Invoice
  • PDF – Your Pricing Guide
  • PDF – Text 2 Video
  • PDF – Cold Contact
  • PDF – Virtual Biz Cards

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The Next Massive Crash Wave of Mobile!

“Mobile Affiliate” video training

This part provides you training for to work as Mobile Affiliate. Here is what you will get inside.

Module 1 – Mobile Affiliate Time

  • Video – Are You A Mobile Affiliate? Get Started Below
  • Video – Whats A Promo Code?
  • Video – What Businesses Need You?
  • PDF – Module 1 Quiz

Module 2 – Becoming An Affiliate

  • Video – How To Become A Yep Text Affiliate
  • Video – Creating Your Yep Text Affiliate Account
  • Video – Mastering The Promo Code
  • Video – Everything Is Live In Your Yep Text Affiliate Account
  • PDF – Module 2 Quiz

Module 3 – Getting The Word Out

  • Video – Its Time To Spread Your Affiliate Link
  • Video – Why You Have To Love SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Video – How Can PPC Save Your Life?
  • Video – You Need to Leverage Social Media
  • Video – Word Of Mouth
  • The Door To Door Affiliate Method
  • PDF – Module 3 Quiz

Module 4 – Wrapping Things Up

  • Video – Wrapping Things Up As A Mobile Affiliate
  • Video – What’s Next For You?
  • PDF – Module 4 Quiz

Other Local Mobile Monopoly Tools

  • Facebook Coupon
  • Twitter Technique

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Local Mobile Monopoly Creators

Adam and Tim are two big names of behind this course and both are massively involved in mobile marketing and making huge money from it.

Several months back Adam launched Mobile Monopoly course to earn online profits through mobile marketing and it was really a huge quality course and sold like hot cakes. This time his emphasize is on local mobile marketing and i think he has done a pretty well job this time too.

Turn Text Messaging Into a $30,000 A Month Business From Home!
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