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Building profitable blogs for commercial purposes are very common these days.

It is a hot trend and it appears that more people are choosing to go this way when it comes to making money online, mainly due to its simplicity and other features. Making a blog is relatively simply. However , maintaining a successful, high traffic blog that earns income is a far tougher process.

Here are some quick tips for your blog:

  • Be Narrow – think carefully about the niche that you choose.
  • Be Different – find a way to differentiate yourself from the ‘competition’.
  • Be Casual – you have the opportunity to be outrageous, entertaining, shocking and out of the ordinary.
  • Be Picky – it is tempting to try to make your blog all things to all people but pick your direction carefully.
  • Be User-Centric – listen to your readers, respond to them and involve them wherever possible.
  • Be Self-Centered – pick a topic you’d write about if no one was ever going to read it and you’re will probably attract others with a similar obsession to you.
  • Be Greedy – if you’ want to build a profitable blog you’ve got to start making some money from it at some point.
  • Be Tiny – one of the keys to a successful blog is that it’s been a gradual and slow evolution over time.
  • Be Agile – be flexibility and jump onto the right opportunities as they come by.
  • Be Balanced – a good balance between work and life is key… Life is too short to spend it all staring at your computer.

Let’s get started building a Profitable Blog

Make a list of the things in your life that you are passionate about. Include your favorite products, foods, hobbies, places to visit, types of restaurants, etc. Next, visit and check out their lists of topics. Chances are, if they have put the resources into publishing a book on the topic, it’s worth considering for a blog.

To further narrow down your topic, type the main keyword into your favorite search engine and see what you get. Look to the right sidebar and see how many ads appear using those keywords. That will give you an idea of your competition.

Next consult a ‘keyword difficulty’ tool, which can tell you how easy or difficult, on a scale form one to one hundred, it would be to gain some traction online with your chosen keyword phrase. To see what kinds of affiliate programs there are for your chosen keywords, type the phrase, “affiliate program + your keyword phrase” into a search engine and see what you find.

The best way to find a digital product that you can promote with your niche profit blog is to visit ClickBank and find a product that fits with your keywords, and is selling well.

The importance of good, thorough, keyword research cannot be over stated. The keywords that you choose to focus your niche profit blog around will spell the ultimate success or failure of your blog. Take the time to do your research to find the best buyer keywords for your niche topic.

Invest in a good keyword research tool because if you plan to launch a network of niche blogs, keyword research is going to be an ongoing task for you. Select a solid list of primary and secondary keywords that you will use for your blog. Your content will be centered on these keywords, as will your marketing efforts so choose wisely.

Purchase a domain name

Make the best effort to pick a domain name with your primary keywords in it. Clarity always trumps cleverness when it comes to domain names. For example, will be far more effective than something such as, Your perspective customers who are looking for products related to herding cats will not be typing in the phrase, “the clever kitten,” to their favorite search engine.

A domain name should be as short as possible, contain your primary keywords, be easy to say and spell out loud. When you are paying for your domain name, buy as many years as you can afford. Your website looks more legitimate to the search engines when you have paid for several years in advance. In Part II of this article we will look at: choosing a blogging platform, purchasing web hosting and setting up your blog.

If you’d like even more tips and strategies for running a successful niche profit blog, you are welcome to visit, Passive Niche Profits, where you will discover everything you need to get started making money blogging today.

Bill McRea

Passive Niche Profits

Bill McRea and Mike Edwards have produced some of the best internet marketing products online and now they are adding one more under their belts… Passive Niche Profits.

Products released by these guys have already helped many people to be successful online. They are well known for providing value in their products and always over delivered useful information. In addition, many of their products / courses became best sellers on ClickBank.

However, some people that did not like their business models have reported that their courses or internet marketing products are scams. This is not the case for most other people. Thousands of advanced internet marketers and newbies still believe in their products and for many others, Bill McRea and Mike Edwards are still their internet-marketing heroes.

The best part is that it comes with an automated installation system that makes installs a snap. This will help you start making money automatically within a few minutes. The software is designed to give you loads of free-targeted traffic that will possibly result to high conversions and instant cash.

You do not need much time and effort on generating traffic to your sites or if you are an affiliate marketer – to your affiliate sites. And the juice is – it is all automated. I mean, it friggin’ ROCKS! No one else has this system!  It came right out of these guys brains!

Bill and Mike created this product based on their members’ feed backs. Many of their members and students requested a program that is easy to operate for getting lots of free-targeted traffic. They also want to avoid all the technical skills involved in creating profitable websites. In short, they do not want to have a hard time on setting up an online business that will generate instant results.

Wanting to grant their members’ requests, Bill and Mike decided to develop and create Passive Niche Profits.

They offer a lot more when you have decided to grab this product. You will not only get access to the system but you will also be trained on how to use the program so you can easily build a successful online business. You will be supported through the entire process. Step by step videos and live webinars are also available inside the member’s area. These are the only information available about Passive Niche Profits as of the moment.

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Passive Niche Profits is a software system that sets
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