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Mobile Affiliate Profits Turn Cell Phones Into Cash Machines!

Mobile Affiliate Profits
Turn Cell Phones Into Cash Machines!
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Mobile Affiliate Profits is a step-by-step blueprint that is comprised of eight modules that cover everything from picking the right offer, initial campaign setup, driving traffic and list building.

This is like nothing else currently on the market, Mobile Affiliate Profits is a step by step course with all the training and back up including real case studies of mobile CPA campaigns that are working right now with a team of dedicated affiliate managers to assist you in running successful campaigns.

Mobile Affiliate Profits is comprised of 8 modules accompanied by PDF’s and other training manuals. It covers almost everything from start to end from picking the right offer, setting it up, driving traffic, optimizing, list building and more.

The course includes live question and answer sessions and videos for students where everything is covered so that you can sit back and watch the cash roll in.

Here is a quick look at the modules that are included:

  • Module 1 – Mobile CPA, the basics including terms to be familiar with, people you should know, overview of how it works and how you can make money as an affiliate from mobile marketing.
  • Module 2 – Initial set-up, navigating OfferMobi, picking an offer, reviewing targeting requirements, getting your tracking link, downloading creatives, ad network setup, admob and jumptap.
  • Module 3 – Running traffic for the first time, optimizing your campaign, passing subID’s, and before you hit Go…
  • Module 4 – Optimizing, downloading and reviewing stats ( parsing data ), making adjustments in the ad network, speaking with ad reps.
  • Module 5 – Advanced CPA tactics, getting more clicks, expanding to other networks, 3 tricks to improve your CTR.
  • Module 6 – Pay Per Call on mobile ad networks, on other networks.
  • Module 7 – List building on mobile, why build a list? creating your offer, building a squeeze page for mobile, what info to collect, creating your own banners.
  • Module 8 – Advanced mobile list building tactics, funding your list building, proper targeting.

With the arrival of the brand new course “Mobile Affiliate Profits” the emphasis is on CPA marketing so you are not asking the customer to go through an ad then a sales page and expect them to shell out hard-earned cash there and then for a product they are not really interested in purchasing at that time from their mobile device.

Instead Mobile Affiliate Profits teaches from start to finish how to set up and optimize simple marketing promotions where you get paid each time someone clicks your offer from a mobile device or completes a simple action such as entering a postcode or email address.

So what is mobile marketing? and is it really profitable?

What is mobile marketing?
Is it really profitable?

Mobile marketing is used my companies and affiliates to promote products or CPA offers on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and other smart phones.

More and more people are using these mobile devices to browse the web and even purchase their desires online. There have been a number of well-know internet marketers who have put together a mobile marketing course and shown proof of the huge income they are able to make from it, but none of them before now have actually shown exactly how they make their huge  profits.

Generally previous courses have basically said go to Admob  ( or other mobile ad network) create an account choose a clickbank offer and make a mobile ad for it.

It is not that simple though and although people are using their mobile devices to purchase more products online very few want to be sold to, so to get them to click on an ad and then pay money for a clickbank downloadable product is NOT an easy task at all.

  • More than 3 billion people have mobile phones worldwide.
  • Over 280 million of about 330million people in the US have mobile phones.
  • If you start implementing mobile marketing now, you’ll be far ahead of the vast majority of marketers globally.
  • People on mobile phones respond highly to direct response ads.
  • Mobile marketing now is still like the internet was in the 90s.
  • 94% of users in the United States have texting included in their phone plan. This makes texting by far the most popular feature of US consumer mobile phone plans.
  • 97% of all SMS text messages are actually read by the consumers within minutes of receiving them.

Mobile marketing business model is very simple… You can get your business set up within a day and very little capital is required to get started.

What is truly amazing is that business owners who utilize SMS marketing by sending text messages are getting a monetary return of 13 to 41 percent in profits.

What is truly amazing is that business owners who utilize SMS marketing by sending text messages are getting a monetary return of 13 to 41 percent in profits.

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