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Instant Affiliate Paydays is a powerful software designed to help marketers build a list!

Instant Affiliate Paydays
is a powerful software designed to help marketers build a list!
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Instant Affiliate Paydays is the latest and greatest marketing system produced by super affiliates Saj P and Mo Mulla.

The Instant Affiliate Paydays product shows you step-by-step exactly how to create push button viral squeeze pages to build a huge list of subscribers and then send them high value affiliate offers.

The training will teach you how to identify profitable markets and to select profitable/high converting products to be affiliates for. Once you have identify these niches, you can then start to build up your emails list which you will be able to make money from.

The good thing is that Instant Affiliate Paydays also has software to help you get through the entire process without you having to know anything about coding or those techy stuff. The software comes configured with predesigned squeeze page templates.

The aim of this is to help you build an effective and TARGETED list of subscribers who will buy from you over and over again.

The squeeze pages are designed mainly for OPT-INs to boost lead capture. If you set up an opt-in on your pages then you’ll need an auto-responder to go with it. If you do not have auto-responder, you may want to set one up on your Aweber, iContact or GetResponse account.

The program also comes with several options that are mainly to increase the potential of the system to generate traffic for you in a snap!

How does the Instant Affiliate Paydays software work?

How does the Instant Affiliate Paydays software work?

The software is build in a way that it’s really super easy to use and the squeeze page at the end truly looks great!

First step in the software is to choose your favorite pre-designed template. There are six options to choose from and all of them are very nicely designed.

The main feature of these templates is of course the email capture module, but beside that you can also add a picture or a video to this page, which makes your squeeze page look professional. After you choose a template, your are asked to fill in the SEO stuff (Site title, description, keywords) and you can also paste in the google analytics code to track your traffic.

In step 3, you fill out the content of the landing page. You can add text, picture and video, depending on which template you choose in step 1. In the next step you design the signup form and configure the Auto Responder. The last thing to do, is to provide the general info (about us, contact us, terms and conditions).

Congratulation, you are done with your squeeze page!

Now tell me that is not fast! I made my page in 5 min, which is super fast! If I had to do it manually, it would take me a couple of days to do such a page. This is truly a great feature of Instant Affiliate Paydays. After you fill in a couple of things for your bonus (3 steps – which I think are optional) you can download a zip file of your page.

Now all you have to do, is unzip your page on your server and you’re done!

It really is THAT easy…

Get Started with Instant Affiliate Paydays Today!

Instant Affiliate Paydays harnesses the power of affiliate marketing and powerful list building strategies ensuring that YOU can make money by following simple yet effective steps.

If you want to build a real business online that can bring you
long-term income then Instant Affiliate Paydays is for you!

A Software Application That Does The Work For You!

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