Local Mobile Monopoly

What Is 5 Times Bigger Than The Internet and Only 1% Of Businesses Have Tapped Into It?

What Is 5X Bigger Than The Internet and Only 1% Of Business Has Tapped Into It?

Local Mobile Monopoly marketing is the hot new trend these days and many Internet marketers are realizing its potential.

Now that the smart phones have been out for a few years, online marketers have just nothing but advertising markets to tap into. Besides that, nowadays almost everybody owns a mobile phone, so not reaching out to your target audience through this technology is sheer ignorance.

If you’re an Internet Marketer who has yet to get involved with mobile marketing, then really there is nothing to lose and only much to gain.

It’s important in all your Local Mobile Monopoly marketing texts to offer a short and clear sentence explaining the reason for your text. The reason for this is you do "not" want the person to think you are just spamming them. As in any other form of advertising, you and your offer must rise head and shoulders above the others. The best approach is to write a professional ad/offer and get it done quickly for them.

Local Mobile Monopoly Details:

The course consists of 10 different modules. Here are the modules and a little information from Adam about them:

  • Module 1 – Get Mobile – You’ve seen how big mobile is getting – now here’s how much cash is on the table.
  • Module 2 – The “List Leapfrog” Method – You’ll discover how I learned the “hard way” that our visitors start buying without you having to do any “selling” at all (wait til you see the conversion rates on this method).
  • Module 3 – The Underground Networks – This is the last thing you’ll ever need to “learn” about how to start getting the money rolling – where to go to place your ads.
  • Module 4 – CPA Goes Cellular – “Regular” CPA marketing doesn’t cut it on mobile, but CPA marketing with a small “twist” works so well it’s almost unfair once I show you.
  • Module 5 – ClickBank Unplugged – Not one is a thousand affiliates have figured out how to take ClickBank mobile – and you’ll be able to blow the doors off previously “untouchable” niches once you find out.
  • Module 6 – Amazon on the Airwaves – When to promote an Amazon products rather than a ClickBank or CPA offer (and get even better conversion rates in the process).
  • Module 7 – Pay Per Call Profits – It really can’t get much better t han this because right now there are businesses lining up out the door ready to pay you $6… $10… even $20 just for getting people to dial a number.
  • Module 8 – Main Street Goes Mobile -They’ve got cash burning a hole in their pockets for advertising now that the Yellow Pages is practically extinct.
  • Module 9 – Smartphone Stampede – Why getting your own “app” has never been easier or cheaper (and how you can get all the marketing done for you – all you have to do is cash the checks).
  • Module 10 – Mobile Music Money – My “Secret Sauce” method for getting a direct mobile-optized link you can use to directly promote any artist on iTunes with just a few clicks.

BIGGER than mobile?

Something HUGE… even bigger than mobile affiliate marketing
that has been hiding in plain sight!

You drive right by this massive opportunity everyday..
but nobody’s figured out how to tap into it until now!

Watch this to see how to be the first in your town
to turn this into a $30K+/month passive income:

Watch this to see how to be the first in your town to turn this into a $30K+/month passive income:

P.S. Adam’s showing how he does this right where he lives out in Los Angeles…
but the coolest thing is you can make huge profits with this ANYWHERE.