LinkedIn Marketing Tip – Completing Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Marketing Tip - Completing Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Marketing Tip – Completing Your Profile

Here is one of the most under utilized marketing tips for LinkedIn – Complete Your LinkedIn Profile.  On average only 50% of profiles are filled in on LinkedIn.

Transcription for LinkedIn Marketing Tip – Completing Your Profile

Let me give you a tip about improving your LinkedIn profile. One interesting statistic is that most people only complete about 50 percent of their profiles. That leaves more business for you, especially if people can find you.

Start by searching in Google for their Keyword Tool. Once you’re in the Keyword Tool, type in a term that’s related to your industry and a bunch of alternative keywords will come up, including stats on how many times each keyword is searched.

Then take that keyword term and include it in your profile at least three to five times. Let’s say the keyword you choose is “promotional products guru.” If someone looks up “promotional products guru,” and that’s included in your profile five or six times, you’ll start showing up in their results.

Again, figure out the words or phrases you want to use so people can find you and put them into your LinkedIn profile. That’s how you’ll show up in searches and that’s how you’ll get people to start contacting you. Many people on LinkedIn are looking for exactly what you have to offer. They’ll search for that and possibly decide you’re just what they’re looking for.

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