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Is link juice the more links you have, the higher you can rank in the search engine results?

To understand link juice, you first need to understand another SEO term: Link Popularity.

Link Popularity is a metric that most search engines use to gauge the “popularity” of a Web page based on how many other Web pages link to it. You could think of it this way: Each link to a Web page that a search engine finds on the Internet counts as a vote for the page it’s linking to. The more links that are pointing to one of your Web pages, the more “popular” a search engine will consider that page to be.

Search engines consider popular pages to be highly relevant. Since they are interested in presenting the most relevant search results to their users, they’ll give popular pages a high ranking. And this will improve your SEO, put your website in front of more search engine users, and ultimately result in more traffic and more potential sales.

Link juice is a way to describe the “weight” a specific link might carry. A link with more weight is going to be more important to the search engines. It’s the same with the search engines. Each Web page has a certain amount of clout – or link juice – that it can pass to another page.

If a page has lots of links pointing to it and a small number of links pointing out, it’s probably a good page with plenty of link juice. A link on that site pointing to your site would be beneficial to you.

Create A Link Wheel And Get Powerful Backlinks

This backlinking strategy is a simple system that builds high powered backlinks for your blog, website, product, or opt-in page, and will get your page to rank the first page of Google.

To create the Link Wheel you will need seven (7) articles. The articles need to include at least one ‘money page’ and then six (6) articles about the money page. The money page is the page you want to show up on on the top of Google searches. The articles do not have to be complicated or even all that long. They should, however, be 350-600 words long and should also be unique… you don’t have to go to too much effort here.

The article you should give most of your attention to is the money page the rest act as ‘hubs’ to form the link wheel and drive their link juice to your ‘money page’. When you create these pages you want to link not just to your money page, but also to each other.

By linking your pages together in this way they send each other valuable link juice and redirect all that additional juice back at your money site! This way of linking is much more effective than just pointing all of those articles directly at your money page without linking to each other as I describe here.

Link your pages together as follows:

  • Article 1: link to your money page and Article 4
  • Article 2: link to your money page and Article 3
  • Article 3: link to your money page and Article 1
  • Article 4: link to your money page only
  • Article 5: link to your money page and Article 4
  • Article 6: link to your money page and Article 1

With this sort of linking structure you avoid creating a ‘link loop’ and you build some pretty powerful backlinks doing this. I’ve been able to rank new pages on the first page of Google for medium-low competition keywords after building a link wheel this way and doing nothing else. You could put some more sites into the link wheel if you wanted, but this by itself is quite a powerful set of links to have pointing at your money page.

Remember to link to your money site with your keyword as your anchor text. Anchor text is the clickable text that takes you to the page. Whenever doing search engine optimization and article marketing like we are doing in this guide, always use keywords for anchor text. Don’t overuse one keyword on any certain page though, make it look natural by using a few different keywords that you want the page to rank for.

If you’re wondering how to do the links when some of the sites take time to approve your articles, a solution is to use a redirection tool like the pretty links plugin for wordpress, and to use pretty links for each of the links in the link wheel and point them to a temporary page on your money site until all of the articles have been approved.

This way you can change the links in each one by editing the pretty links redirections when your articles have been approved and you don’t have to edit the articles directly. You can simply change their links by editing the pretty links in your own wordpress installation and make them point to each other as described above in the linking structure.

"Super Juice" Your Link Wheel

Once you have your link wheel built you can then supercharge it and give it some super link juice power by taking each of the articles in the link wheel and ‘spinning’ it in a program called Article Marketing Robot.

Article Marketing Robot isn’t a lightweight article marketing tool like all the rest. Instead, it provides you with amazing article rewriting and submission power that slaughters the competition. Best of all it can automatically submit to WordPress Articles!

Put each of the articles from the link wheel through the spinner and then submit them to as many directories as possible at a rate of 1 per week. Each spun article should point to the other 5 articles in your link wheel, and you can set some to point to your money page as well, if you want.

Try to avoid pointing the spun article at the same article in the link wheel and just point my resource boxes at the 5 other pieces of the link wheel. Then submit to all of the directories in Article Marketing Robot at once, don’t bother scheduling them to go out on a drip just blast them all out at once at a rate of one article per week until you’ve done all 6 parts of the link wheel.

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Rank at the Top of Google with High PR Backlinks!

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