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Discover a monthly 5 figure income online. Simple free blueprint and video training shows you how.

Discover a monthly 5 figure income online.

Simple free blueprint and video training shows you how. WP Mage Monster is a software designed to work on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and even on a Mac.

It helps building as many websites as you desire on autopilot… in fact WP Mage Monster will help you manage all the websites in your portfolio with just one interface.

The WP Mage Monster System includes a collection of plugins and third part addons which can be easily used on any WP blog. Additionally you will receive professional dedicated web hosting and priceless coaching which will take you by hand and generate these fix figures.

It can build a huge selection of affiliate sites targeting 1000s of keywords instantly, which includes building blogs with unique content that will rank on the first page of Google for thousands and thousands of different keywords.

Manually building a blog takes long because you would have to pick the right keywords, make the content yourself, and do all the linking building. However with the Mage Monster this will of course automate the whole process of doing this with their awesome integrated revolutionary software.

The software can literally build you thousands of blogs with hundreds of pages of unique content on each blog… all monetized to make you alot of money.

The newest WP Mage Monster software consists of three modules.

Module 1: Affiliate Mage.
By using affiliate mage you are able to automatically list all the related affiliate products available for a summary of seed keywords in amazon, eBay, Clickbank affiliate program. The ads are highlighted and appears like adsense ads therefore have much better click through rate and conversion rate.

Module 2: Content Mage
Content mage collect contents for each and every key phrases one enters in to the system, As an example if you want to build a website targeting dating niche and you have compiled a list of 5000 keywords then you can enter them into wp mage monster software program and it’ll create a 5000 page website targeting every keyword. Content mage will automatically collect content related to each keyword and optimize every page for the targeted keyword.

Module 3: Posting Mage
Posting mage is the principal control panel of WP Mage Monster therefore it can create countless wordpress blogs automatically and upload them to server, which saves a lot of time for you.

CP Mage – The autoblogging feature:
CP represents “control panel” which is what this area of the software program does. It becomes the control panel for installing a variety of blogs. It is possible to update the sites, delete them … and do whatever, from your control panel.

Mage Monster Details

Mage Monster Details:

Content Mage is the reason you no longer have to write any more content if you don’t want too.

It pulls the content for your site (text, photos and videos).

You have plenty of content sources to choose from, too. Ezine, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo News, Article Base, YouTube and Flickr .  If you own a license to The Best Spinner, you can even automatically spin the content to make it more unique. Pretty powerful stuff…

Group Mage capitalizes on the “Group Buying”.  It lets  you monetize your  sites using Groupon, Tippr, or Crowdsavings.  What sets this apart from anything out there is that it is geo-targeted, meaning your site visitors will see deals that are local to each person visiting your site. Not Bad, huh…

Facebook Mage is HUGE. It is what Greg calls “The Panda Killer” regarding Google’s recent Panda update that gets internet marketers in a tizzy.  It will automatically creates Facebook fan pages and have them link back to your site. Giving you tons of credibility with Google and all of the search engines. This will definitely ease a few minds…

Opt-In Mage makes it easy for you to build an email list.  This may not be something you want to add to every site, but think of how powerful it would be and how much money you would make with email lists in many different niches. All on auto-pilot…

Affiliate Mage monetizes your sites. Using all kinds of different affiliate programs & products like… eBay, Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Overstock, Linkshare, Chitika,  and Google Adsense.  All Automatically. And, if there are specific webpages you don’t monetized, that’s fine too. You have complete freedom…

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The power of each of the above modules is quite frankly, priceless! Meaning, you can continue to profit from your sites long after you have put them up and moved on to the next batch.

Mage Monster Extras

Domain Mage is linked in to GoDaddy’s expired domains and auctions. This tool lets you quickly sort through high quality aged domains that are available for you to buy.  Grabbing an expired domain is an excellent way to give your site a huge advantage with the search engines.

Keyword Mage pulls in the best “buying” & “money” keywords directly from eBay.  These are then used as your seed keywords to populate your site or blog. This killer feature makes sure you will always have relevant affiliate offers on your site.

Article Mage.The Article Network will be a network of blogs that you can submit articles linking to your sites. Im sure you can see the power Article Mage will provide… Getting backlinks to your site is primary in how well your site will rank in the search engines. This can provide unlimited backlinks.

Mage Monster will automate the whole process of building WordPress Blogs with their brand-new revolutionary integrated software.

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