With Chatmatic generate more sales and increase profitability!

With Chatmatic generate more sales and increase profitability!

Why Chatmatic?

Messenger is on more than 1.8 Billion phones! That makes it the second most downloaded and used app on the planet (behind only Facebook).

At first Facebook was mainly used to communicate with our friends, but it now is being used to discuss purchase decisions with businesses. Facebook reported that over 10,000,000,000 messages (yes, Billion) are sent between businesses and consumers EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I’ll give you a second to let that sink in…

In todays world we are becoming accustomed to instant results, and that is true of reaching businesses. If we have a question for a business we want to be able to get that answer INSTANTLY. A recent Facebook study showed that 90% of consumer agree they will do business with the company that answers them first…

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Take a look…

Here’s a glimpse into what we built and how it is set up to help small to medium business… start ups… agencies and everyone who executes on our system to generate more sales. Every feature we look to add has the SINGULAR mission of helping automate a process that can generate leads or sales for businesses.

Make simple but beautiful messages using our proprietary Message builder that can automatically reply to any and all incoming messages or used in your outbound marketing objectives.

Comment Triggers

Our “Comment Triggers” allow you to get a MASS number of subscribers into MEssenger easily by turning comments on your FB posts into Messenger conversations. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to grow quickly and is one of the most used Messenger features available. Imagine being able to turn a commenter into a subscriber and allow you to walk them down a unique marketing path while you have their attention.

One simple screen

We make it simple to build Welcome Messages, Keyword responses, Autoresponses, Broadcasts, and everything else you need in ONE simple screen. You can set it to respond to ANY and ALL messages or specific words or phrases. No matter what someone asks, you can be prepared and give them an instant response so NO ONE is ever left hanging. This makes it so that you get the best of both worlds where you are handling support while also creating your marketing sequences.

Subscriber tab

Manage and continue conversations with your subscribers in our “Subscriber Tab” which acts as a live chat for all of your subscribers and shows you some of the key metrics about what they’ve subscribed to and how many messages they’ve engaged with.

Integrations and automations

Our “Integrations and Automations” make it easy to collect subscriber information inside of Messenger and instantly push that information out to your CRM or autoresponder. Effectively removing the need for a landing page and using Messenger as your website to collect and monetize leads!

Prepopulate emails and phone numbers

Use Facebook Messengers built in features for prepopulating email address and phone numbers to collect lead data inside of Messenger and instantly port that information to your favorite text platform or email provider.

Campaign tab

When you’re ready to actively market to your audience you can use our “Campaign” tab to create Landing Pages, unique m .me links that fire off whatever messenger sequence you choose, follow up messages to best allow you to take advantage of that 24 hour window Messenger gives you to market to your new leads… and much more!
Take advantage of our in depth, yet easy to understand data displays so you know how best to optimize your campaigns for better performance.

Fully operational integrations

Once you have a Messenger subscriber you can start taking advantage of our fully operational integrations with other outside apps. Either via Zapier, basic webhooks or direct integration you can pass information from and TO Chatmatic. This allows you to send SPECIFIC messages to people as they need to hear them.

Some of our users use this for abandon cart marketing, webinar attendees vs. non-attendee follow-ups, and campaign-related updates. Once an action takes place in your other marketing systems, you can update Chatmatic in real-time – and then send personalized messages to people in your subscriber’s channels.

Now – let me show you how we’ve gone about making it possible to automation this process and how I believe ANY business can generate more revenue through the use of Messenger automations thanks to Chatmatic…

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