Ray Johnson 52 Week IM Mentoring Program

Check Out The Internet's FIRST 52 WEEK Make Money Online Mentoring Program...

Build A REAL Online Marketing Business.

Check Out The Internet’s FIRST 52 WEEK Make Money Online Mentoring Program…

Ray Johnson Mentoring 1.0 is a 52 Week Coaching Program that is the INTERNET’s FIRST complete step-by-step 52 week video tuition course that takes ANY level of Internet Marketer to success online.

What can Ray Johnson Mentoring do for YOU?

Ray Johnson Mentoring was devised with over 17 modules and HUNDREDS of hours of point and click video.

Ray Johnson Mentoring
Check Out The Internet’s FIRST 52 WEEK Make Money Online Mentoring Program!
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Ray Johnson Mentoring was devised with over 17 modules and HUNDREDS of hours of point and click video.

There is very detailed information, pdfs, checklists, webinars and LIVE calls… there’s just no way anyone, (and I really do mean anyone) can not succeed online.

Ray stated that it has taken him 3 SOLID MONTHS of work, everyday recording piece by piece video, that really seperates this program from any other mentoring/coaching program online today…

"I was sick and tired of hearing the same old stories from 99% of people who fail to make money online. I new there had to be a way to help these people, and figured that I had to bite the bullet and provide a course that literally covered EVERY single aspect of becoming a successful internet marketer and making real money on the internet."

I knew the course would have to be SO detailed, SO in depth and not miss out a single area, as I was helping people build real businesses that will last a lifetime, and potentially change people’s lives forever… the internet marketing industry has been crying out for this course, and now it is a reality…

After I had the good fortune to obtain V.I.P. Review Access to the course for you, I was literally shocked to my very foundations.
The sheer depth that Ray goes into is nothing short of staggering, there is NOTHING left out.

Here’s just a sample of what you get:

  • 52 Week Complete Internet Marketing Mentoring Program
  • Hundreds Of Step By Step Tutorial Videos
  • Hundreds Of Hours Of LIVE Over The Shoulder Teaching As I Launch A Product LIVE
  • Business Foundation Module: Blog, Email List Setup , Adswap System, Affiliate Program
  • Product Module: Your Own eBook, Audio Or Video Product, Niche Selection, Templates & More!
  • Sales Page Module: $20,000 In 7 Day Salespage Template, Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Salespage Creation Tactics
  • SEO Module: Google Keywords, On Page SEO, Backling, Linkbuilding & More

And we are not done yet…

  • Product Launch Module: Pre-Launch, Launch Week, Post Launch Disected Plus Templates
  • Server Busting Traffic Module: Article Traffic, Blog Traffic, Link Exchanging, D/L Page Traffic, Forum Traffic, Viral Traffic, Social Networking Traffic, P/R Traffic, Adwords Disected, WSO Traffic & More!
  • JV Sniper Module: 500 JV Partner Spreadsheet, Email Templates, Setting Up Profitable JV’s
  • Super Affiliate Module: How To Make Thousands OF Dollars In Record Time From Scratch, Bonus Page Tactics, Secret D/L Page Tactics, How To Win JV Competitions, Templates & More…
  • Physical Product Module: Your OWN $297 Custom Made DVD Product To Sell For 100% Profit Per Sale! Complete Setup On Your Site, Delivery Automation, Professional Graphic Design, Templates, The Works!
  • Profit Tripler Module: Plugging Your DVD Into Your Backend Funnel For Rapid Profit Tripling Cash…

…and there’s more:

  • Automation Engine Module: My Complete In House Business Automation System, Processes, Procedures & Idiot Proof Step By Step Training Manuals
  • Complete Automation Of Your New Found Profitable Business
  • Automate Your Blogging, Blog Management, Subscriber List Growth, Adswapping, Helpdesk, Email Accounts, Sites, The Whole Sha-Bang…
  • Become A Marketer Module: Powerful, Truthful LIVE Full Motion Video Transforming you And Your Mind Into Becoming A Marketer, Not A Prospect… Worth $1000’s Alone…

==>> Check it out now!

To give you a taster, inside the course you will find 17 CORE MODULES, each broken down with TONS of individual step by step, monkey-see
monkey-do videos.

SOME of main modules are:

  • Flawless Foundations
  • Instant ListBuilding
  • The Product Pump
  • Traffic Tsunami’s
  • SEO Domination
  • Launch Disection Method
  • JV Siphon Method
  • Covert Automation
  • Marketing Ninja
  • DVD Demolition
  • Super Affiliate Skool
  • Salespage Shenanigans
  • Conversion Klass
  • Mystery Final Module
  • Foundation Setup
  • Blog Setup
  • Listbuilding
  • Lightning Fast Product Creation
  • Adswapping
  • Traffic Generation
  • SEO Methods
  • Business Automation
  • Physical Product Sales
  • Offline Strategies
  • JV Getting
  • Your OWN Product
  • Your OWN Product LAUNCH
  • Advanced Strategies

Talk about value!

There’s only ONE concern that I have, and that is – BECASUE the program is so huge, and full of training and information how would people keep up?

Ray said this to the question and his response was clear…

“Everything Recorded In My Secure Members Area… So You’ll Never Get Left Behind – plus we can deliver the course weekly over the full 52 weeks to allow accountability and give our members time to implement each step, or be flexible and give immediate access to our members, the choice is theirs, whatever suits them is all that matters to me…"

"Ray Johnson Mentoring 1.0 52 Week Coaching Programme" IS HUGE, IS VALUE PACKED, and gets a MASSIVE thumbs up from me and I hope it’s still available when you read this so you can run over and check it out yourself, you’d seriously be mad to miss it.

And speaking of value? Here’s the full breakdown for you…

And speaking of value? Here's the full breakdown of Ray Johnson Mentoring for you...

  • 6 Week “Wealth Webinars” $997
  • “Wealth Webinar” Recordings (Resell Rights) $497
  • Ray Johnson Mentoring 1.0 LIVE Workshop $997
  • 52 Week Coaching – $10,997+
  • 100’s Tutorial Videos – $1997+
  • Flawless Foundation System – $297
  • Instant ListBuilding System – $497
  • The Product Pump System – $297
  • Traffic Tsunami System – $197
  • SEO Domination System – $297
  • The Launch Disection Method – $497
  • JV Siphon Method – $397
  • Covert Automation System – $497
  • Marketing Ninja System – $297
  • DVD Demolition System – $497
  • Super Affiliate Skool – $397
  • Salespage Shenanigan System – $297
  • Conversion Klass – $197
  • Mystery Final Module ? – $???
  • Ray As Your Mentor – $4997+
  • Access To Ray’s Team $1997+

But of course, you wont pay anthing like that for access, affordability is on the top of Ray’s list to allow him to help as many people as possible get success online… I urge you to take a look and guarantee you will be shocked at the tiny investment…

Never before has a course been designed in such depth
help others succeed online with so much value for money.

I have never seen a course designed in such depth to help others succeed online

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