Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

Learn some great Email Marketing Tips and Tricks in this post.

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Email gets you the best ROI of any [online] marketing out there. The highest return on your investment. For every dollar you put in, you get back around $44 when you handle your email campaign properly.

According to (another wonderful resource) email open rates are getting higher. People are opening emails again. And including the word “secret” in the subject line will boost the percentage of people reading your emails.

Here’s something interesting tip about email marketing. Pictures are preferred over text in an email by 65 percent of email readers. If you have a great-looking picture, insert it into your email with a short sentence like, “To find out more, click here.”

At six o’clock on a Saturday morning I’ve got three kids running around the house driving me nuts, so I don’t read promotional ads, but many people do. It works for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing. Remember that people take their work home, so they’ll read their business-to-business emails there, as well.

Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

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