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Robots that know how to get traffic, make videos, get links and build content! Done For You Traffic
Make More Money And Sales By Driving HIGHLY Targeted Traffic.

Done For You Traffic is all about how "To Get Targeted Leads And Massive Traffic To Any Website In 15 Minutes Or Less".

If you have any experience with online marketing you already know the importance of traffic generation to achieve consistent online sales and income.

This most important aspect of an online business is really what determines the success of your business. This is unfortunately the one big area where most internet marketers fail.

With Done For You Traffic they emphasizes the importance of guiding your site visitors through the right process to maximize your results instead of wasting that traffic.

Here are some of the Highlights:

1. Website Set-Up:
You need to start here by entering the information of your site like domain name and hosting account info so the robots can take these information and start their work. Here you have 4 options:

  • If you have one WordPress website already builded
  • If you have a non-WordPress website
  • If you don`t have a website and want to build one
  • If you want to promote an affiliate link without building sites

All you need to do here is to pick one choice and enter the required data and the robots go.

2. Content Set-Up:
In this step you have to choose the category and subcategory of your website and 4 best keywords you want to target for this website so that the robots can use these info to create your content.

3. Network Set-Up:
In this step you have to enter the accounts data (your usernames and passwords) for a list of network sites ranging from video sites to documents sharing and article directory. This step and the next one are the 2 steps that will take some time but it’s a one-time job by entering the data. After you add these data, the robots will start to distribute the content to the sites you picked (the more sites you create accounts, the more traffic and backlinks you get).

4. Social Media Set-Up:
Here you enter the data of your social accounts to get more exposure of your content. After that, the robots will create videos and PDF and PPT documents based on the created content with your links included. You control the content posted by viewing it before publishing and editing what is needed to be edited. The videos and documents are created automatically and also distributed automatically to the network of sites you just added.

5. Video Distribution History:
Here you find links to the videos already created and posted to the video sites.

6. Document Distribution History:
The same like videos but for PDF and PPT documents.

7. My Account Profile:
This is a option if you need to change your username and password.

Watch this 7 minute video where you will see Websites run by ROBOTS scooping up tons of 0nline sales. Beyond amazing.

Done For You Traffic

The Done For You Traffic Service creates videos, pdfs and powerpoint presentations for any given keyword phrase or niche.

The software then submits this content to many online portals complete with links back to your URL. The benefit is to create a constant stream of new, unique SEO optimized content for you.

For online traffic generation, it is very important to consider the quality of traffic rather than just the quantity, something Done For You Traffic has already programmed into the software.

With Done For You Traffic you will learn the most effective traffic generation techniques that will skyrocket your sales by producing highly targeted traffic

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Robots that know how to get traffic, make videos, get links and build content!
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