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Commission Commando
Leverage SEVERAL traffic strategies to its MAXIMUM potential and by using different traffic sources.

Leverage SEVERAL traffic strategies to its MAXIMUM potential and by using different traffic sources.

Commission Commando is a web-based application which allows you to quickly build highly optimized, monetized website for you to go.

You can build as many as website you want to create multiple streams of income online.

These websites are specially integrated with Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter more to drive huge flood of traffic for your site.

At the core of Commission Commando is a training course which outlines a specific strategy for making money with affiliate marketing.

The idea is that if you follow all of the steps shown in the videos, and repeat as often as you wish, you’ll be building a sustainable online business presence. 

This program is going to help you build a long term sustainable online business that can get you flood of buyers and help you reach your goals.

In commission commando:-

  • You will not get a "push button" system.
  • You will not have work with pay-per-click.
  • There is no SEO work involved.

In this program you will be guided to make sites with high and long term profit potential. To drive traffic the commission commando uses the social media aspect.

Through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube you can drive thousands of targeted vistors to your site and and how to convert these visitors to buyers.

Commission Commando will teach you how to get traffic not from ONE traffic method, but several so you won’t be dependent on just one. 

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What’s Inside Commission Commando?

What’s Inside Commission Commando?

  • Top of the line video training program that is EASY to follow!
  • Amazing software that will take care of all the hard work FOR YOU!
  • Tools and guides and basically EVERYTHING you need to start RIGHT AWAY!

The following modules contain training videos, resources and downloads that will take you through setting up your niche sites which will attract high volumes of traffic.

  • Module 1 – What you are going to learn
  • Module 2 – Getting Ready For Success…
  • Module 3 – Niche Commando
  • Module 4 – Commando Site Launcher
  • Module 5 – Customizing and Targeting
  • Module 6 – Activating the Awesomeness
  • Module 7 – Turbo Charged Promotion
  • Module 8 – Finalization and a Rocket Launch
  • Module 9 – Operation “Total Takeover”
  • Module 10 – Final Thoughts

Commission Commando Advanced Training

  • Twitter Commander
  • Commando Commander – Managing Your Sites
  • List Building Masterclass
  • Local Market Cash Cow
  • RSS Sniper

You also get access tp the following Commission Commando software:

Niche Commando
The Commission Commando software tool brings everything together that you will need all under one roof. You will be able to do keyword research, market research, keyword analysis and much more. There is also a promote section where you can ping, find do follow blogs and RSS management just to name a few.

All of these Commission Commando tools are free to use and keeps everything easily accessible in one software package.

Commando Site Launcher
This section of Commission Commando allows you to set up a sniper site with no technical knowledge. You just need to enter your hosting details, affiliate details and the software will produce a highly professional looking monetized website.

Commission Commando contains a TON extremely valuable info.

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Commission Commando is about using every traffic source available…
so you are not dependent on one particular source.

Commission Commando is about how to use every traffic source available...
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