What is ClickSure?

What is Clicksure? The #1 Self Service Marketing & eCommerce Solution

Clicksure is the #1 Self Service Marketing & eCommerce Solution Online

ClickSure is one of the fastest growing open market, fully transparent, self-service networks. Their goal is “to help individuals and businesses thrive through a suite of proprietary marketing and tracking technologies”.

You can break what Clicksure can offer you into four main areas:

  • Maximise Your Revenue With ClickSure
  • Performance Based Marketing
  • Start Selling Your Products Online
  • Manage Your Online Success Story

ClickSure Affiliate

Promote a selection of high converting products with reliable weekly payouts. Our hassle-free sign-up process means you can start promoting and earning affiliate commissions within minutes. Cutting edge proprietary tracking technology provides advanced analytics, detailed sales reporting and accurate commission tracking. Get paid on time, every-time.

ClickSure Advertiser

Gain access to over 400,000 affiliates or run your own private affiliate program using our proprietary technology. Automated geo-targeting, multi-payouts, sub-campaign tracking options, online and offline split testing features (just to name a few) allow you to monitor the performance of your entire sales funnel and select which actions you’d like to payout on.

Private rates and terms offer you the opportunity to reward your best performing affiliates. We manage the headache of paying multiple affiliates in different countries allowing you to focus on running your campaigns. An easy to use, yet effective solution for what can be a complicated and daunting marketing task.

ClickSure CRM Account

Manage your customer relations across multiple products with an integrated CRM solution. Our shopping cart technology simplifies the creation of order forms and gives you access to cutting edge fraud detection tools.

Apply to use one of our reliable merchant processing partners or utilise your existing processing. ClickSure CRM supports multiple payment gateways and contains powerful tools to help spread your processing risk.

ClickSure Master

Master accounts allow you to group all of your affiliate and advertiser accounts into one control panel, giving you a bird’s eye view of their performance from an intuitive dashboard.

Simplified invoice and paycheck summaries removes the annoyance of having to login into each account to keep on top of your finances, however if you do wish to view more detailed figures, our auto-login feature makes accessing multiple accounts seamless.

The master account wallet simplifies funding multiple advertiser accounts. Deposit funds through a single payment and then distribute/transfer funds to your linked accounts.

Realise Your Potential With The ClickSure Network

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