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Discover how to make real money with facebook!

Total Traffic Tutorial
will show you how to get traffic, quickly and easily.
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The Total Traffic Tutorial Course is about how to drive free and paid targeted traffic and make huge money online.

In the course you will find different traffic strategies that marketers often use. They will let you know how to get higher position on different search engines.

Total Traffic Tutorial also provides conversion training and market research training. Total traffic tutorial is newbie friendly and consisting on 6 modules, well presented training videos and PDF’s.

Some of the traffic strategies provided in this course include, adwords, media buys, facebook, banners, etc. In addition to these traffic methods, total traffic tutorial provides some training into market research, and some conversion training.

All of the videos, step-by-step guides and resources inside this program will give you the ability to generate traffic on demand!

What's Inside Total Traffic Tutorial?

What’s Inside Total Traffic Tutorial?

Module 1 – Market Mindreader

Module 1 of Total Traffic Tutorial is a very interesting and good module! It’s broken down into 4 really detailed videos that show you everything you need to know.

These videos cover:

  • Buyer hunting – This video basically shows you how to find your target audience, find out where they hand out and exactly how you can market to them and make money.
  • Mind reading your traffic – They show you how to use free online tools that help you target your audience on a whole new level. This is actually really cool because in this video I even discovered a couple of awesome tools that I didn’t even know existed, so I have learnt a lot just from this 1 video alone!
  • Creating an avatar – I’ve never even heard of this method before however it’s actually really cool and useful, it shows you how you can create adverts and offers that convert like crazy purely because they are so targeted!

This is a great start to Total Traffic Tutorial!

Module 2 – Google Showdown!

Module 2 is called the Google showdown which was a pretty interesting name to say the least!

Inside this module you get another handful of videos that cover the following:

  • Keywords – Nick covers a 4 step process for getting awesome, targeted keywords that always convert into cash!
  • Creative – You’ll learn how to create ads that always suck visitors in yet still get approved easily! This is great because lately I have found it really hard getting my ads approved but this course should make it a lot easier for me!
  • Rank High, Pay Less – This shows you how to get your ad up in the top spots of Google while paying less than competitors, really useful this tip
  • Keyword domination – This shows you how to easily double or triple your keyword list and instantly multiplying your traffic while still paying pennies!

This module gives you a real insight into how to get ads up on Google.

Module 3 – Traffic Lift Off

Module 3 is called Traffic List Off and it’s another awesome module inside of Total Traffic Tutorial!

This module details how you can drive loads of traffic using alternative traffic networks that people always overlook! It shows you how you can easily tap into massive traffic sources that most people ignore and bank big for yourself.

Favourite part of this section >>> The social media (facebook) section is awesome, if you want to tap into facebook and this course showns you exactly how to do that.

Module 4 – Secret Of Solid Ads

Module 4 is how to write ads and how to write ads that convert and get clicked!

This is extremely helpful because getting solid ads in place is crucial to your success, and it will mean you are making the most of your traffic by getting higher click through rates on ads.

This is a very good, very detailed section!

Module 5 – Click & Profit Boost Juice

This is a really cool module. What is basically does is shows you how to make sure you are making the most of your traffic sources.

It goes into really important things like testing and how to test properly without blowing your budget AND how to make sure you are getting the most out of your ads without spending a lot of money.

This module is VERY useful and contains some really valuable tips! This module could easily be the difference between success and failure so it’s really great that the Total Traffic Tutorial guys have included this information.

Module 6 – The Winning Ad Formula

Module 6 pretty much puts the icing on the cake!

It shows you how to create killer ads that send your click through rates and conversions through the roof which means you can drive serious traffic in record time! This is a smaller module but a really crucial one for making the most out of your traffic!

Even if you’re a total newbie, and you’re just starting out, the secrets to getting high quality traffic is really not that difficult… But you need a SYSTEM to learn how to get consistent traffic, each and every day… and that’s what Total Traffic Tutorial is going to teach you.

Traffic = Sales = Income. If you double your traffic,
you double your income. It’s as simple as that.

Traffic = Sales = Income. If you double your traffic, you double your income. It’s as simple as that.

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