Point and Click Coaching

Lee McIntyre has been steadily building his online information marketing business over the previous two years. From stressed school teacher to a $100K a month business is one of those inspiring stories that we should all take note of and most importantly learn from.Lee has done a few workshops where he’s opened up every area of his business, the processes, nothing is left out here and they are now available on DVD.

Point and Click Coaching

Here is the opportunity to learn the cogs of an ever growing Internet Business inside out upside down!

So many coaching programs fail to deliver fully on one or more aspects of the vital components any successful online business needs.

Fact: You can have the best product in the world, but if no one sees it, no one buys it.

There are thousands, if not millions of people online today, trying to make money online, so you can bet your bottom dollar some of these people will have good, if not great products right? More than likely, yes, but it’s also known that the majority of people online can’t generate traffic to their site or product.

Now Lee does not have that problem, he actually gets too much traffic sometimes, if that can ever be described as a problem… and Lee doesn’t solely rely on conventional methods of traffic generation and he does not rely on illegal traffic generation methods either, he simply uses a different method.

The Point and Click Coaching method, when applied correctly, (which he teach you how to do) can work for you. It can ensure that you get as much traffic as you want for life, without paying for that traffic.. the type of traffic you get is targeted traffic, not just any old traffic, real buyers!

The course will literally help anyone from beginner to seasoned veteran. Lee has proved time and time again he knows what he is doing online, and he doesn’t just preach about it, he has the guts to actually put himself on the line and teach others his exact methods.

The training is simple… almost too simple that it makes you think it’s too good to be true. Let’s face it, with a 7 day trial membership you really can’t go wrong…

Lee is giving you access for a shockingly low price because:
  • He wants to show you how good his coaching is!
  • By offering it at such a low price he knows it will be in the reach of most people!
  • He wants you as a customer!

Lee knows if he provides you with great value and makes you successful online you will be thankful to him for life. Lee is completely honest and has a genuine desire to make other people online a success. Once he knew he had a formula for making online, he made it his mission to share it with everyone he could.

He has made the training super easy so anyone can follow it. He can’t do much more, you have to take a little action yourself.

If you are looking for step by step, over the shoulder training, Point and Click Coaching is almost surely the solution you need to start a profitable online business.

Lee is an action taker and he tries to instill the importance of taking action into all his students, he knows taking actions create wealth online. If you put your faith into Lee and his coaching program you really are taking the fist steps to being a success online.


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