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Niche Finder
Quickly find highly searched buyer keywords that nobody knows about!
Quickly find highly searched buyer keywords that nobody knows about!

Niche Finder is a new keyword research and niche finder tool created by Brad Callen and today, on the Internet, the business is all about keywords.

You have to identify the right niche and the right set of keywords in that niche or else the vast majority of your marketing efforts are going to be in vain. That is why we put such a high emphasis on keyword selection.

Niche Finder is a tool designed specifically for keyword research without all the extra stuff that can sometimes over complicate a software product. This niche finder software is very easy to use and offers many great features to find profitable keywords and with that hidden niches that are untapped.

The software simply shows us how competitive the certain keywords and if they worth to use or not.

Customers enter keywords in search engines when they need something. Merchants optimize their sites, or pay for keywords when they want to sell something. So, if you want to understand the market and get your slice, then you absolutely have to know what keywords are used, and how often.

This simple keyword program allows you to enter a keyword and have related words returned. It shows you whether or not the keyword is easy, moderate, or difficult to rank in Google as well as which of the words would make money and and allow you to generate long tail words based on the “good” words you find.

Niche Finder works pretty fast considering it has to disect the top web pages to see how easy they are to outrank.  It’s easy to determine with the red, yellow and green balls that show up beside each keyword.

  • Green – Easy to outrank
  • Yellow – Difficult to outrank
  • Red – Don’t even worry about it

Niche Finder has many amazing features:

  • Enter a keyword and Press “start”.  Niche Finder uncovers profitable niches in seconds!
  • SUPER simple, yet powerful. Green means low competition, Yellow means moderate competition, & Red means stay away!
  • Take a low competition keyword and drill down into it by generating an unlimited number of long tail keywords based on the seed keyword you selected!
  • Quickly see estimated daily & monthly search counts for each keyword!
  • Filter your keyword list to calculate how many daily searches you can expect to get with the low competition keywords you find!
  • Follows the K.I.S.S. model (i.e. keep it simple silly). Yet VERY powerful at the same time

Uncover untapped, highly searched low competition niches in seconds!

Quickly and Easily Discover How Competitive ANY KEYWORD is, plus uncover hidden, untapped niches in seconds!

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