Live Chat – The Secret to Generating More Sales

Live Chat - The Secret to Generating More Sales

How would you like to have a constant stream of sales leads?

Did you know that a large portion of people who go to your website, 70% to 80%, leave without ever coming back ever again.  In most cases, it because they can’t find what they need, but if you could intercept them before they leave, you have a good chance of getting at least a portion of those people into a sales funnel.

You can accomplish this by adding Live Chat functionality to your website.  

What is live chat?  It’s a piece of code that you add to your website that allows for interaction between people.  You can see an example at in the bottom right hand corner. Here are some interesting statistics to show you exactly why you need live chat:

  • 60% of people are going online to find out more about products and services
  • 83% of people need help during their investigation online
  • 71% of people expect immediate assistance online
  • 48% will leave the site if you don’t help them

So, the problem that exists is that people are looking online to find what you have to offer, but a large portion need help during their investigation phase.  Most people want some sort of immediate help and if you aren’t there to help them, they leave.  This would be equivalent to walking into a retail store and not being able to find anyone to help you.

A great solution to capturing website visitors that would have otherwise left your site is to add Live Chat to your website.  On average, 29% of website visitors can be proactively engaged online, which gives you an excellent opportunity to turn website leavers into sales prospects.

Here are some Statistics on Engaged Website Visitors:

  • They are 7.5 X’s more likely to convert into a client compared to the average website visitor
  • Turn into sales on average 24% of the time
  • Spend on average 55% more
  • Are 9.8 X’s more likely to buy if they are proactively engaged directly by you

So by adding Live Chat on your website, you actually increase the likelihood of getting a person into a sales funnel or even getting a sale.

Monitored Live Chat

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