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iSocial Academy is an internet marketing course with a heavy focus on Facebook marketing.

The iSocial Academy is a video curriculum course that is dispersed on a monthly basis in 6 organized monthly modules with 5-12 videos for each module. 

Each video runs 10-20 minutes long and covers a specific social media tool or network, a functionality of the network, strategies and techniques for using the social media tool, and how to make it effortlessly easy to incorporate into a larger branding, marketing, and email-list building plan.

With each module covering over 2 hours of material, we found that breaking it down into convenient to watch mini-lessons was the best way to teach everyone from the novice to the seasoned professional the techniques and tools that we have utilized with our customers to create outstanding results.

Each video includes some easy to read notes, included in a link above the video.  We encourage you to open these notes and follow along as you learn! 

As Austin has said in all of his videos, there is no such thing as a push-button system, and learning how to utilize and strategize your social media is going to take a personal investment of your time and creativity. 

We are confident that after you master our tools and techniques that this will become second nature, as we have watched hundreds of people duplicate our system and watch their business flourish online.

Here is a general outline of the Modules:

Module 1:  Getting Started with Facebook

  • Getting Started With Facebook
  • Facebook Fanpage
  • Facebook Events
  • Getting Started with Twitter
  • Getting Started with Youtube
  • Getting Started with Your Website and WordPress Blog
  • Logging Into WordPress
  • Adding a New Page to WordPress
  • Adding a New Post to WordPress
  • Editing Widgets in WordPress

Module 2: Basic Facebook Traffic

  • Where Do You Drive Traffic To (Part 1)?
  • Where Do You Drive Traffic To (Part 2)?
  • Personalize Your Twitter
  • Personalize Your Youtube Channel
  • Using Social Media to Increase Your Sales

Module 3: Saving Time on Social Media

  • Tweet Elite Pro
  • Tweet Adder
  • Social Oomph
  • TweetDeck
  • Tube Mogul
  • Facebook Fanpage Generator

Module 4: Social Media and Video

  • Optimizing Youtube Videos
  • Craigslist for Social Marketing Campaigns
  • Blogtalk Radio Interview
  • Using Meetup for Networking
  • Live Chat and Video Streaming with UStream

Module 5:  Building a Marketing List and Selling a Product with Social Media

  • Squeeze Pages
  • Sending Traffic to Squeeze Pages
  • Build a List with Facebook Fanpage Generator
  • Twitter Traffic
  • Webinars and Facebook Part 1
  • Webinars and Facebook Part 2
  • Webinars and Facebook Part 3
  • Webinars and Facebook Part 4
  • Formspring
  • Building a List With Autoresponders
  • Facebook Username

Module 6: Establishing Credibility With Articles and Digital PR

  • Digg-Overview
  • Navigation and Joining Digg
  • Updating Your Settings
  • Submitting a Link
  • Getting Followers
  • Article Tips
  • Digg Tools
  • Digg Dont’s and Getting Ranked
  • Getting Googled
  • Hubpages Intro
  • Hubpages: Create an Account
  • Hubpages: Create a New Hub
  • Hubpages: Getting Traffic
  • Hubpages: Quick Traffic Ninja Tip and Tricks
  • Hubpages: Hubpages and Squidoo
  • Squidoo: Intro
  • Squidoo: Creating a Lens
  • Squidoo: Updating a Lens
  • Squidoo: Tips and Tricks

Bonus Module: Linkedin

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