How to Find Profitable Niches

There are two solid ways to get into a niche. First, you can find a source of traffic and put yourself firmly in front of it. This is the most common method, and the one that I wholly recommend. It allows you to capitalize on already existing interest in the niche while siphoning off traffic for products you already know will sell.

Of course, you can also start your own category – developing a niche that you have interest in or that has not yet been monetized to great effect. Of course, this is usually where the product creators end up going and we’re generally going to stick with the affiliate marketing tactics we know and love.

Aiming for the Long Term

The key to real niche research, though, is to aim for long term potential, developing new ideas in niches that already have a lot of traffic. How do you find those high traffic niches? You go to Clickbank or any of the many other affiliate networks and you find high gravity products. After that, though, it’s important to analyse what tactics your competitors in that niche are using to market the products. While you want to tap into the same traffic sources, you do not want to use the same marketing tactics.

Say for example that you find a new product in the weight loss niche that everyone is writing reviews for or developing blogs about. You could create a video or write up a PDF list that can be distributed from a squeeze page. Both are original, new ideas that will allow you to create a new channel in an existing niche.

So, really, in essence, the idea of finding a niche is entirely too overblown. Your goal needs to be to find a product with a lot of past success but room to grow. Narrow down the field by choosing products with gravity above 30 on Clickbank and a solid $ per sale number. Then, look for ways that you can market that product without rehashing what everyone else has done. If you can find a new angle or method to market a popular product, you’ll be able to tap into that same energy and desire on the part of the consumers.

Narrowing in on a Single Niche

I’ve said before that I like to choose one or two niches and stick with them – focusing my energies where I know there is money to be made. So, how do you find those two niches and how do you ensure they will continue to make a profit when you pick up a second, third or fourth product?

To start with, do your research thoroughly. Have a solid, well developed keyword base and continuously review new products based on their gravity and the strength of your competition.

If you can maintain a keen eye on what other people are doing in a niche that has a history of profit, you can continuously develop new ways to make money.

There are hundreds of niches out there and you could be missing most of them… That is where the Internet Marketing Advantage comes in!

The Internet Marketing Advantage
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