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The Evergreen Business System allows you to run an unlimited amount of webinars at one time!

Evergreen Business System Automated Webinars allows you to run an unlimited number of webinars at one time!
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Evergreen Business System is a revolutionary software utilizing the power of webinars to make sales.

This software automates the webinar process so that you record a video and let the software exhibit it to attendants as if you are talking to them live!!

Finding ways to integrate leverage in your online business is important if you want to remain competitive and profitable.

The effectiveness of webinars using a new software system that allows users to automate webinar presentations for increased sales and revenue.

Making Money Online… It used to be that making money online was as simple as an email sequence, with an offer. Today inboxes are overflowing with sales messages, and are often left unopened, and unread. What is a marketer to do? Many have turned to hosting webinars, and for good reason, they are a great way to directly connect with your market, and make offers for your products or services.

The Webinar Challenge… As effective as webinars are, the challenge in today’s rapidly changing market is to maintain a high-level of performance on every webinar in order to maximize the captive audience.

What the Evergreen Business System Software Does

In two words, webinar automation.

The software gives marketers the ability to broadcast recorded presentations as a live online event, using a flexible scheduling system, so they run on an ongoing basis. By coupling this with a compelling and converting offer during the presentation, marketers have an automated revenue stream. 

The Evergreen Business System is solves three major problems of webinar which are:

  1. You must be online: This software enables you to set and forget.
  2. You are talking to an audience: Unless you are perfect in your presentation, they’ll go and never come back. Recorded video will allow you tweak your presentation till it becomes awesome.
  3. Technical Problems: Any webinar holder will know what this is, while holding a webinar there are many technical difficulties could happen like sound problems. This recorded video will not allow this to happen of course.
Features of Evergreen Business System

Features of the Evergreen Business System:

A complete online business marketing platform that will automate your sales process.

The Evergreen Business System Software allows you to configure your webinar play at a specific time, daily or on selected days and also can be run in several times in the same day. You can also set the time of the webinar either according to your time zone or according to the registrant’s time zone.

The software also includes:

  • Point and click templates for registration page, choose what appeals to you and to your visitors.
  • Split testing so that you can rotate a number of different registration page designs to see which one gets the most registries.
  • You are able to get your registrants reminded via SMS few minutes before the webinar starts.
  • Ready made “Thank You” page with a built-in video with all the data of your visitor to keep them aware of the time and the link of the webinar.
  • You have the ability to spread your webinar in a viral way by offering your visitors a bonus if they refer someone to the webinar registration page.
  • Upon registration visitors have to enter their name and email address which will add him to your mailing list.
  • Built-in notification system which will send alert emails reminding him of the webinar time.
  • When the time comes and the count down reaches zero, the webinar video will play automatically.
  • The video has no control bar so there’s no rewind or pause and play or anything, just playing as if it is running live.
  • One of the important features is if someone arrived late after the set time or if someone refreshes the page, the video will NOT start from the beginning so it looks as if it is really live.
  • When the webinar starts, the list of participants increase gradually as if they are logging in naturally.
  • The most important feature in my opinion is that you can make a redirection to receive questions by participants directly to your email.
  • You can choose multiple pop up messages to appear below the video at a specific time of your choice.
  • You can add multiple polls with ability to set the results so that the poll result will be the one you entered and not the real value!
  • You can do a split test by adding 2 videos and the program will play them alternatively so you are able to know which one makes more money.
  • You have the ability to build a webinar replay page and send emails to registrants.
  • You can generate and upload as many webinars as you want.
  • Built-in tracking system that tracks all the stats you need to know and you can add a Google analytics code.

These are many of the features of Evergreen Business System software, and if you want to see the software in action just click here or;

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Evergreen Business System allows you to run unlimited webinars on autopilot…

Evergreen Business System allows you to run unlimited webinars on autopilot that look totally live.

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