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Automatically and easily create unique WordPress POSTS using content and high-quality videos from well-respected sites!

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Commission Underground is a powerful wordpress plugin that creates unique website content automatically and get backlinks to any URL’s you choose from a network of sites in the same niche.

Simply put you get a blog on the niche of your choice along with the other members of the site.

You then get get ads and backlinks to your site from hundreds of media sites because the program posts these links on these social sites for you.

This benefits you in 2 ways!

  1. You get instant free targeted traffic from these social sites to your site. (Remember your site has your affiliate links on it.
  2. You create authority backlinks from hundreds of social media sites that continue to grow day after day. These backlinks will help improve your search engine ranks which will also help generate long term traffic to your site.

Commission Underground work extremely well driving traffic using automated content and linking methods. Generated traffic from Alchemy, Stumble Upon and Delicious along with the automated affiliate links adds direct monitization to the page. The ability to manually and automatically add content creates a continuous flow of traffic.

The best part is that you can set up the system in 15 minutes or less and it will to continue to build traffic and backlinks to your site without you lifting a finger.

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The Commission Underground Software System

The Commission Underground Software System

The software is made up of two key tools:

WP plugin

The first part of the software is a WordPress plugin that allows you to select the niche you desire to target and then the plugin will automatically generate unique content. It does this by gathering free videos and text that are relevant to the keywords you have chosen and then mix them to generate a unique page which is fine with the search engines and then this page is posted automatically to your blog.

On every page posted there will be a relative affiliate offer to that niche to monetize your blog and increase your commissions.

Backlink Builder

The second main feature of Commission Underground is a network system that is used to build backlinks to your pages as follows:

You select your target niche (and subniche) then you have the ability to add any number of URLs you need to build backlinks for, provided that they are in the same niche you have already chosen. You also you have the ability to add your Youtube ID’s if you have Youtube channels that contain videos relevant to the keywords and niche.

The URLs or Videos are distributed over a network of sites relevant to the niches you picked which builds powerful backlinks to your pages as you know the best type of backlinks are those obtained from relevant websites. This tool is aimed to boost the blogs you created with the Commission Underground WP plugin and rank it first in google in a very short time… backlinks can do that for you!

Every SEO out there knows how powerful backlinks can be to rank websites really fast but getting backlinks isn’t a simple task… this is when Commission Underground backlink builder comes in.

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If you are really serious about affiliate marketing and making money online you should check out Commission Underground.

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