Authority Pro 2.0 Premium WordPress Theme

Authority Pro 2.0

Authority Pro 2.0
This technology will help transform your site into an authority site!
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Authority Pro allows you to easily build and transform your WordPress blog into a powerful, monetized, and search engine optimized authority site.

The software has the ability to make your WordPress theme very powerful and includes a lot of features such as squeeze page creation and high SEO.

Authority Pro 2.0 is a powerful plugin integrated with an authority style theme that is very easy to customize, you don’t need to know a single line of HTML, CSS or PHP code in order to create your own highly optimized site.

The theme features several custom widgets with 23 custom positions built in which allow you to place widgets quickly and easily.

The Squeeze Page Generator provides 11 ready made, tested and high converting squeeze page templates. You can choose a layout style of 2 columns or one column and you can integrate your autorepsonder into the squeeze page.

You can also integrade with Authority Pro the biggest and most popular autoresponders such as Aweber and GetResponse and the "Squeeze Page Options" gives you 16 options you get cover everything you need in order to create a good quality , high converting squeeze page.

The Link Cloaker is a complete link cloaking system where you just simply add a your affiliate links and the theme creates a link that you will use in its place.

Here’s just a few more of the Amazing Features you get with the Authority Pro 2.0 WordPress Theme:

  • PRO Sales Landing Pages.
    Authority Pro 2.0 creates full featured, professional standard sales letters in minutes. An integrated advanced and massive shortcode system allows the user to add hundreds of sales letter graphics and elements easily with no coding involved.
  • PRO Sales Funnels.
    Authority Pro 2.0 allows you to use the sale page builder to create entire sales funnels from start to finish. You get to create frontends, upsells, order confirmation pages, buyer optin and registration and much more.
  • Squeeze Pages.
    Create high quality, high converting squeeze pages directly inside WordPress. Prior testing with the squeeze pages have consistentlyreceived 40%-60% optin rates.
  • Heavy Duty Powerful SEO Beast.
    Authority Pro 2.0 is a powerful SEO beast, implementing all top WordPress SEO strategies into one easy to use platform. It has more power than industry standard SEO plugins, includes extras like an SEO post analyzer, Google video sitemap and is coded from the ground up with peak SEO in mind.
  • Niche Product Review Authority Sites.
    Authority Pro 2 creates incredible niche and product review sites and has all the bells and whistles every affiliate loves like automatic affiliate link integration, built in affiliate link cloaking, a profile builder, a product review builder, rating stars and a whole lot more.
  • Optins And Split Testing Feature.
    Authority Pro 2.0 has a built in optin system allowing user to easily add optins to their sites and even split test optin form – matching this with the advance post and category placement options it makes for a powerful combination of list building power.
    The theme that ships with AuthorityPro2 is clean, very attractive and is completely customizable. You can customize nearly anything you can think of and can even import or export it.
  • Full Feature Built In Training.
    Authority Pro 2.0 features built in training for each and every feature which makes it simple enough for anyone to grasp and run with.
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Authority Pro 2.0

Here are EVEN MORE More Authority Pro 2.0 Theme highlights:

  • No Theme Coding Necessary but optionally You Can Tweak it!
  • 23 Editable Areas – Customize the Look and Feel of your sites beyond what’s ever been possible.
  • 11 Custom Widgets
  • Split Testing Ready to up to 4 opt-ins!
  • Including opt-in forms, landing pages and much more discovering which bring you the best results.
  • Not Displaying Related Content is a problem left behind, Authority Pro Automatically displays related content with your affiliate links included
  • Authority Targeted Exiter at your visitors departure captures leads, asking the visitor to leave contact information.
  • Authority Pro Helps you List Building Using the Split Testing
  • Squeeze Page Generator with a diverse list of capabilities
  • Easy Learning Curve, very friendly within just a few clicks and simplified to the bottom.
  • Continuous Split Test Option, so you can always and see what are the most profitable improve even further your website configuration.
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