5 Amazing Niche Markets

If you are stuck for ideas on what to sell, or want to find out whether an item will compete on eBay, visit SaleHoo where you can accurately predict the success of your niche item!

SaleHoo Research and Analysis Lab
If you are stuck for ideas on what to sell, or want to find out whether an item will compete on eBay, visit SaleHoo where you can accurately predict the success of your niche item!
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It takes time and persistence to find the right product to sell… To get you thinking, and to give you a few inspiring ideas, we have researched 5 product niche ideas to share with you.

Niche Item #1: Heart Rate Monitors

These are used by athletes and gym bunnies or by people who need to keep an eye on their heart rate.

Why they are an exciting niche item:

  • They have a 75% success rate on eBay (75% of all monitors listed on eBay in the last three months sold!)
  • They are lightweight and easy to ship and store
  • One size fits all

Niche Item #2: Plus Size Shoes

Many big-foot’s out there find it very difficult to find shoes that will fit them comfortably from regular retail stores.

Why they are a super niche item:

  • While these are commonly made by popular shoe makers, stores often order only a handful of pairs in larger sizes, which means that more and more, our big-footed friends must turn to buying online to get what they need.
  • They have a high success rate on eBay (women’s size 11 sell at 61.9% and men’s size 14 at 75%
  • Both men and women alike can require plus size shoes (Hot tip: women’s size 11+ high heels could make a great little niche)

Niche Item #3: Plus Size Maternity Wear

Another plus-size item with huge success on eBay

It’s a profitable niche because:

  • Maternity and baby gear always works because people are always going to have babies, so you’ll never run out of customers!
  • Clothing items are easy to ship as they light and not fragile.

Niche Item #4: Military Insignia

Collectibles always make great niches and you can dig really deep to find the best ones. They are also perfect for people who are interested in them – you’ll find it much easier and much more rewarding when you sell something you enjoy. To really niche it up, go for US military insignia from the Vietnam War which is big on eBay.

Why military insignia makes an excellent niche:

  • It rarely dates or goes out of fashion
  • There are so many sub-niches to discover like Russian war medals and World War 2 helmets.

Niche Item #5: Antique Clocks

Another great collectible item

They are a first-rate niche because:

  • You’ll appeal to both collectors and home decorators
  • They have an eBay success rate of over 67%
  • You can often pick these up very cheaply from flea markets and yard sales, then sell them on to make a profit

Niche items really are the way to go for newbie sellers and there are so many out there to keep you interested and best of all, make you money!

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