10 Recommended Niches

Keep in mind that the niches on this list are highly competitive, but in terms of income potential, nothing comes close.

  1. Make Money Online – This tried and true classic is a huge niche for many marketers. If you’re just getting started, I recommend cutting your teeth elsewhere as this one can be hard to stand out in. Additionally, never boast experience or knowledge you don’t have – it will only come back to bite you.
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  3. Weight Loss – You can’t get more evergreen than weight loss. There are always people that need to lose weight and many times they’re the same people who have been buying these products in the past, so email marketing is particularly effective here.
  4. Build Muscle – On the same line of thought as the weight loss niche, people also want to get in shape. This is a bit more advanced and often requires a more technical understanding of the niche and how people build muscle. This niche can get very specific as well with muscle groups like abs, calfs, and arms.
  5. Dog Training – Dog training is often a crisis niche. People have serious problems with their dogs at times that can result in danger to their family or legal issues with neighbors. So they need to act fast and find a tool to help them control issues like digging, biting, barking, or general aggression.
  6. Dating – Countless men and women are lonely. Just look at the online dating sites that rake in billions each year. You can sell eBooks, do CPA offers for those dating sites, or any of a number of other extremely high converting offers in this field.
  7. Save Your Marriage – When a marriage starts to go bad, millions will look for immediate, affordable advice about how to save it. This is where you come in.
  8. Language Learning -The reason why here is varied. It could be for a job, or for a trip out of the country, or simply because someone wants to learn a new language. However, the high commissions and conversion rates here make language learning products huge.
  9. Make Your Own Energy – The higher energy costs go, the more consistently things like solar panels, wind power, and making your own fuel will sell on the Internet.
  10. Satellite TV on PC – For some reason, this niche has long been a powerful performer. Showing people how to get TV from around the world on the cheap is a highly profitable.
  11. Business Opportunities – Not to be confused with Internet Marketing, this niche is for general business opportunities. It might include MLM, franchising, hobbies and crafts, or garage sales. There are dozens of ideas that fall into this category.
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Online Marketing is all about pinpointing the right niche – the one that you’re willing to pour hours of your life into. Yet, at a certain point, you need to choose one in which you’ll be able to find solid, willing prospects.

These 10 affiliate niches are the ones that repeatedly, regularly provide high level profits to affiliates around the globe. Start here and you’ll see results much quicker.

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