Super Affiliate Coaching Club

Super Affiliate Coaching Club
100% Free Video Tutorials
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Super Affiliate Coaching Club 100% Free Video Tutorials and PDF Downloads

The Super Affiliate Coaching Club is a private membership site focuses primarily on how you can become a successful affiliate.

This membership site primarily consists of articles, audio’s, and videos on different issues relating to the overall subject — how to get the status of a super affiliate.

You will learn how to get started without a list, without any affiliates, and without your own product. If you already have your own list or products… it will show you how to use his money-getting secrets to extract Maximum Money out of your list.

You will learn how you can Tap Into The Power of The "Circle Of Money" and literally double your profits almost overnight. Discover how to fill your "List Bucket" on auto-pilot so you never have to worry about generating leads again.

Jeff Johnson also developed a fundamental strategy for building what he call "money sites" and "feeder sites". Basically, the idea is to use data feeds to build hundreds of sites with hundreds of thousands of pages with a push of a few buttons.

Then, these "feeder sites" will direct traffic to "money sites". The money generators can be different, from AdSense to simple affiliate programs, selling advertising space (banners, text links) or using affiliate networks like,, Of course, using his advice from the Super Affiliate Coaching Club, you can diversify your whole strategy.

In the Super Affiliate Coaching Club, Jeff Johnson also talks about other two powerful online strategies: search engine optimization (SEO) and product creation and promotion.

Only the insider people of his coaching club knows that Jeff Johnson is a master of search engine optimization. He clearly explain how using the right content you can easily build minisites and show you how to interlink them in order to achieve better rankings.

Jeff’s concept isn’t new, but most of the time people do NOT use it. So, before you build your site, you set up the linking structure, you set up your site design, and you decide which page or pages will be your internal target pages, so they receive the most of the link popularity.

These indepth internet marketing strategies will certainly help you build large consistent cashflow!

This is crazy, you really need to see this for yourself.

Here’s Exactly How A Complete Internet Newbie Went From Zero To Earning $466,390.99 In A Single Month As An Affiliate… All With 100% Free Traffic!

A little bit about the creator of Super Affiliate Coaching Club, Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson is an SEO expert and the person behind Underground Training Lab website. This is a workshop where Jeff conducts training for newbie and intermediate marketers.

There are lots of useful tips, product reviews and plugin that he shared in this blog. Before this, Jeff came up with the famous Traffic Voodoo program. This is one solid coaching program where Jeff shared his secrets and techniques on getting high ranking on Google, build a huge email list, get lots of joint venture partners and more.