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  • How Many to Submit – There is no limit to how many articles you can submit. I do, however, recommend that you break up your submissions a bit. Don’t put up 50 articles in one day as Google may look upon them with suspicion. However, having 50 articles a month spread out evenly can be a very good way to ensure steady traffic. Don’t forget that those articles provide direct traffic as well as backlinking.
  • How Often to Upload – I like to constantly have articles in my editor’s queues. Depending on the sites you’re using, that usually means uploading every 2-3 days. The best route is to have a schedule and follow it weekly. If you outsource, make sure you get an extra day to edit and polish the content before it is uploaded.
  • How Many Sites Can an Article Be Uploaded To – If you upload the same article to 30 websites, eventually Google will decide you’ve over distributed it and the value of those links will disappear. So, I recommend submitting articles to only 1-3 sites at a time. If you’re interested in traffic more than SEO, submit them to as many as possible to generate up front clicks.
  • Resource Box Writing – Every article should have a unique resource box. This can be a simple variation on the main resource box you have for that site. However, you’ll want to rotate which keywords you use for your anchor text and how you describe your website, just to avoid duplicate content on the page.
  • Length and Keyword Density – The major article directories have been adjusting of late and the general rule of thumb now is to keep your length at a minimum of 400 words. Though, I recommend 500+ words so that they can be distributed to any directory as some have longer requirements. Additionally, keyword density needs to be modest, with no single term appearing more than 2%.
  • Which Sites to Use – EzineArticles is still the industry standard, and all your articles should be submitted here first if they will be on this site at all. After that, look for directories like Buzzle, Article Dashboard, and Easy Articles that have Page Ranks of 4 or higher and an Alexa Ranking above 50,000.
  • – Not only can you post your article in the Business Blog where you have a Blog Dashboard to easily manage your postings in one place. There is also your Profile Status so you can notify the community and I would also recommend posting your article in the Forum as well.

When it comes to article marketing, how you upload, when you upload, and what you write are all important factors. But, honestly, the biggest thing I see is that marketers just don’t do it enough. Stop worrying about how to write your articles and just go write some.

If you follow the rules that major sites like EzineArticles lay out, you’ll have no problems getting the traffic you’ve been looking for.

Article marketing is such a powerful tool, but you need a resource to help you optimize every ounce of your efforts, otherwise you risk wasting money and time.

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