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Software Submitter Pro is a software tool produced by Bobby Walker and Adeel Chowdhry that will automatically package and submit your content to software directories as .exe files, producing easy to download, free tools that will get you all sorts of new leads.

Not only does this provide targeted direct traffic, it bumps your sites up with high PR back links from free software directories (of which there are many).

The software does all this on autopilot, repackaging your content into a software app that can then be uploaded and sent to numerous websites for free. You don’t need to do any programming or run through the gauntlet of signing up for and submitting software to these sites. The software does it all automatically, saving you a tremendous amount of time and effort.

It’s free traffic and back links, plus the opportunity for your content to be viewed directly by users on those sites.

Software Submitter Pro

What Do You Get?

The Software Submitter Pro package is loaded with a ton of content, starting with the core program itself, which will siphon traffic and submit your content to 20 download sites automatically. It’s a huge time saver and it works extremely quickly.

You’ll also receive Bobby and Adeel’s four underground traffic system videos to train you in the basics of software conversion and traffic generation with software sites. You’ll even learn how to tap into sites with page ranks as high as 8 to get free instant traffic to your site.

To top it all off, there is the Explicit Traffic Guide, which comes with a boat load of information about how to do everything in the videos as quick references and charts. As extra bonuses, added to the package recently, you’ll get the Viral Submitter App, the Generic App Generator and 6 additional coaching webinars to provide more advanced training for traffic generation.

Traffic generation can be a pain in the back side, but with Software Submitter Pro, a new, legitimate method is laid out in stark detail to help you siphon off tons of it for free.

Here’s the best part… Right now you will get three bonuses, including the Viral Submitter, eCover Creator, and Audio Tool Generator, as part of the package so if you don’t act fast who knows how much longer they will be available.

For any online marketers in search of new traffic sources and huge list building potential, definitely check out Software Submitter Pro:

Software Submitter Pro

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