LifeLock Relentlessly Protecting Your Identity

At LifeLock, relentless protection of your identity is our primary mission.

At LifeLock, relentless protection of your identity is our primary mission.
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LifeLock is dedicated to protecting your personal information, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year!

They provide proactive identity theft protection using innovative technologies that power not only LifeLock but also the world’s most sophisticated surveillance solutions – similar to the technology employed by government intelligence agencies and blue-chip corporations.

More than just a credit monitoring service, LifeLock dives deep to discover the schemes today’s thieves are using to steal personal information, from old-school collection techniques to more advanced technologies such as malware scams that transmit data from your PC without your knowledge.

And then they continuously mine this information for threats, alert you when they determine a risk, and work to help educate law enforcement to combat this growing trend.

Here’s what is included with your membership:

  • Alerts of potential threats–both credit and noncredit related
  • Online access to a personalized dashboard showing current threats
  • Relentless identity monitoring for exposure of your personal information
  • Member services with local phone support—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Stolen or lost wallet remediation services to help cancel and replace credit and debit cards*
  • Comprehensive recovery services if you become a victim of identity theft on our watch.
  • The option to extend your line of defense with LifeLock Credit Score Manager™ protection.

Beyond Credit Monitoring

LifeLock contact the major credit bureaus on your behalf and help remove your name from mailing lists for preapproved credit offers. And they provide you with anytime access to your alerts dashboard via the secure LifeLock Member Portal.

LifeLock For Business

LifeLock For Business

We make it our business to protect your customers and employees

Whether you are responding to a data breach of sensitive information, expanding your employee benefits plans, or looking for new revenue streams for your business, LifeLock® identity theft protection is a great investment for businesses of all sizes that want to help protect customers, members, and employees from the growing trend of identity theft.

LifeLock Data Breach Services

Loss of customer and employee data can be a financial and public relations nightmare that can damage your organization’s reputation and its bottom line. With our comprehensive LifeLock® Data Breach Services, your organization can quickly restore public confidence and avoid unnecessary costs.

Employee Benefits Solution

With LifeLock identity theft protection as part of your employee benefits package, you can differentiate your company from your competition and better retain top employees.

They offer several flexible, customizable benefits solutions that easily integrate employee data security into your existing benefits plans. They also provide you with best practices, communications tools, and educational materials to make implementation easy.

LifeLock is an affordable way to enrich your existing benefits plan with enterprise class data protection from a nationally recognizable brand name.

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LifeLock® identity theft protection is a proactive defense system
that monitors your identity and alerts you of potential dangers.

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