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Google Cash Monster gives you the step-by-step instructions and advanced tools to build your income streams online.

You can easily follow the instructions and use the tools even if you’re a total beginner and have never built a website before.

Beginners will learn how to get their site ranked well on Google search results for targeted keywords, without prior skills like WordPress, CSS, HTML or PHP.

Google Cash Monster will show you how can use this technology to capitalize on product launches as well as show you how to make immediate affiliate sales during the launch, and how to build your list for next time around.

  • What if you could spend just 3 minutes… and walk away with a page #1 ranking website that sucks up 90% of the Google traffic for free?
  • What if you could pump out these websites over and over… even if you’re not technical and can’t design to save your life?
  • What if you start pulling in $1,073 per day as an affiliate, without paying for a single click, and without knowing anything about getting traffic or SEO?

This thing takes just 4 steps… how insane is that? And you don’t need YouTube, articles, paid advertising, press releases… or any of that usual stuff.

Google Cash Monster

Google Cash Monster

STEP #1 – Six Instant Cash Videos
Want to make your first $100 online within 24 hours? Then, follow the steps outlined in these 6 videos. You can start making money online even if you don’t have a website, there are dozens of places for you to start earning instant cash online even without a website.

STEP #2 – Push Button Launch
Next up, you will learn how to build and launch a website in just 3 minutes. You will use a powerful web building tool to create your first money making website with drag and drop simplicity. You will also learn how to turn your website into a word of mouth machine that will continuously pull in tons of free traffic.

STEP #3 – Make Money From New Product Launches
Once you know how to create affiliate websites in just 3 minutes, it’s time to learn exactly how you can exploit every single product launch and make some nice cash. You will also discover how to get on the ‘inside’ and find out about upcoming product launches before anyone else.

STEP #4 – Traffic & Conversion
In this final step, you’ll discover how to make sure people always buy from your affiliate site, using a quick and easy bribe technique that actually works. You’ll also learn how to get your websites ranked on Page #1 of Google by using a tested backlink formula.

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